“China is the West’s Greatest Threat” – Libero Quotidiano

China and Xi Jinping pose a “tremendous threat” to the West. The heads of US and British intelligence have sounded the alarm about the danger that Beijing is “trying”. intellectual property theft And the influence on politics In Western countries, “according to what I reported CNN. Director of the FBI Christopher Ray and general manager MI5 Ken McCallum They attended an event in London where they showcased the joint work of the intelligence services to confront what they believe is “the most serious threat.” to spy And the the pirate by the Chinese government. “In addition to technology theft, the FBI director warned, China is also taking steps to protect its economy from any… future penalties If he should try to beat Taiwan By force, “Having learned the lesson of the West’s reaction to the invasion ofUkraine by Russia“.

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McCallum added that MI5 is conducting seven times as many investigations into the activities of the Chinese Communist Party as in 2018. The Wray of the FBI warned that if China seized Taiwan by force, “it would represent one of the most terrible things to do.” trade turmoil McCallum also said the challenge from the Chinese Communist Party is “disabled”, while Ray warned the public – including corporate CEOs and prominent university figures – that the Chinese government was “intent on stealing your technology” using a variety of tools.

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