“Come to Marina early in the morning and leave late at night”

On the eve of the Jova Beach Party, Mayor Michel de Pascal invited all the audience at the event “to take advantage of the extraordinary opportunities offered by a site like Marina di Ravenna, which is not just a place to play a concert, but a place to experience a full day of fun. Therefore, the My invitation to all is to arrive in Marina di Ravenna early in the morning, walk by the sea or in the pine forest or take advantage of the beach services in our bathing facilities, have lunch in the shower or in one of the baths, leave late in the evening after the party and enjoy many One of the activities available in the area is taking advantage of the shower facilities remaining open until 3am.”

De Pascal then anticipates traffic problems: “It is physiological that on the occasion of a great concert, you can create queues of vehicles associated with the inflow and outward flow; who thinks of going to an event like this without queuing on arrival or departure may have never gone to Big event.But we have worked and will work to ensure maximum security, accessibility and best flow, and I am sure that if the party users take my invitation, the viability, the economic fabric, the audience itself, which in addition to enjoying the quality of the event and the energy of Jovanotti will have the opportunity to experience and appreciate the beauty of our beaches and the quality of our services “.

“Finally, I take this opportunity to thank all of those, there are many who have worked and are working in any capacity to make this extraordinary event possible – all the men and women of the institutions and police, security and local police, emergency and health system, volunteers, and all the productive and connected sectors of the Marina di Ravenna, starting with the owners of the bathing establishments that will host the event, all the activities and the citizens of Marina di Ravenna and the organizers with whom the cooperation has been fruitful and lasting.”

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