Covid, Ministry of Health expects an increase in hospitalization and warns regions: “Adapting beds in hospitals”

curve infection From Corona virus disease Continues to rise and soon the situation in Hospitals can be critical. The black and white alarm clock is certified by Ministry of Healthwhich warns in the circular Regions On actions to be taken in the coming weeks: tuning i bed From the medical area and in intensive care Dedicated to Covid and provided for ‘Correct Mail right on time Take charge of patients.” A necessary request, the ministry writes, “in light of the current epidemiological trend Given the More effects on luxury HospitalsIn fact, the ministry expects that health structures must face “a a plus from app Health CareAlready in the next few weeks.

Numbers released today by Jimbei Foundation On the other hand, they speak clearly: in the week from June 29 to July 5 new cases She was 595,349, with a a plus subordinate 55% compared to the previous week. Hospitals continue to increase hospitalization Both in the medical field (+ 32.6%) and in intensive care (+36.3%). As stated in the Ministry’s circular: “An epidemic stage characterized by a Sharp increase in infectionIt has been steadily increasing since then 4 weeks Which I arrived 586 cases per 100,000 residentsfrom one portability Excess and above epidemic threshold calculated on symptomatic cases (average rt 1.30) and in acceptable cases hospital (Rt 1.22) and an increase in Employment rates subordinate bed in the medical field (9.2%with a relative increase in the number of patients in hospital by 22% (and intensive care)2.5%with a relative increase in the number of hospitalized patients by 13.6%).

In light of the current epidemiological trend, and given the effects of additional health care at the hospital level, we call for “activating regulatory measures To deal with Next weeks a a plus from app Health Care associated with infection, both at the hospital and district level, ensuring adequacy expansion of beds in the medical and intensive care area designated for Covid, to be adjusted based on need to unitsand the correct and timely care of patients with SARS-CoV-2 in relation to their special care needs, with particular reference to the most vulnerable groups.” Finally, the Ministry stresses the importance of completing vaccination cycles ee dei remember.

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