Dario Fabry’s note on the changing world: “What is the significance of Boris Johnson’s resignation?” – video

Episode Three Video Column Observation about the changing world There is a manager dominoAnd the Dario Fabrimakes it available to readers to open His historical and political skills to analyze the most relevant geopolitical facts of the week.

the third episode

In the third episode, Fabry analyzes the resignation of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson. How important is it really? How do you establish it? In this matter, it is the country’s foreign policy that concerns us most closely. but manager domino, will remain unchanged. Perhaps with various novels and dialectics, but United kingdom It will continue to maintain the same position in key strategic files. Besides the leader who will replace Johnson, the country will not back down on the Brexit front, will want to review the Northern Ireland Protocol, and will remain close toUkraine In the constant war and anti-Russian attitudes. Details covered in less than 3 minutesI’m on the site to open.

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