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From Marco Calabresi

The blue tennis player is tough on his fellow Spaniard, who after struggling to beat Fritz risks missing the Wimbledon semi-final against Kyrgios with tummy issues.

“Stop believing what you read, please.” When it was midnight between Wednesday and Thursday, Fabio Fognini exploded with a story on Instagram: Republishing an article that appeared on the web there was talk of Rafa Nadal being able to make him “injured” in the Wimbledon semi-final after a four hour and 20 minute battle. Against American Taylor FritzBlue wanted to have his say. Fognini emphasized “injured” and added at the top, “Sure…” – which sounds like an ironic “right!” – Complete the story with Hashtag #4h20 As if you confirm that you cannot win such a long match if you have physical problems like the one Rafa accuses in the abdominal area, as his father and sister advised him to retire and the Spaniard to choose instead to continue until the fifth set.

Meanwhile, Nadal will be able to rest today and try to recover while waiting for tomorrow’s semi-final, Friday 8 July, against Kyrgios (here is the Australian’s photo). A match Rafa is still not sure he will play: “I will do other tests and I don’t know if I will be able to play it – as he said in the post-match press conference on Wednesday -. Honestly, I can’t give a clear answer. Nadal was given anti-inflammatories during the off-court medical respite. The goal was to “relax the muscles a little,” the 36-year-old Spaniard explained, although he added, “You can’t fix anything when you have such a thing. That’s it.”

If he plays the semi-finals and wins, Nadal in the final (against the winner from Djokovic-Nuri) will have a chance to play for him. 23 slam title Especially for the third time in a row after the Australian Open and Roland Garros, which would leave him just one stage away from the legendary Grand Slam.

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