Doctors alert for infection but will be –

From Federica Manzetti

The Capitol puts an end to the controversy. We recommend the use of masks. On Saturday, 70,000 people are expected. Other similar events are expected during the month of July

The Mneskin concert will take place at Circo Massimo. Despite the ultimatum from Fimmg Lazio, on Saturday 70,000 people will witness a rocky night in tandem. Deceptive controversy – says major events consultant, Alessandro Onorato – in other places there are no restrictions on outdoor concerts. Maxi Concentrates Equal Masses. The equation reached by doctors’ orders, alarming the accelerated growth of infections in the territory – 11,257 new cases yesterday alone – She wreaked havoc on Minskin fans. Not just the seventy thousand who sold their mustaches in Roman history on July 9, but on the entire social community.

An event that a generation that has been in lockdown for years has been waiting for, and which won’t be the first nor the last in this season to shoot the live show. But concerns that it could act as an amplifier for the Omicron 5 variant, which is expected to peak in mid-July, remain, as evidenced by the statements of the Director of Prevention at the Ministry of Health, Antonio Reda: What we can do to tackle the problem of risk in a very logical way – He said – there are common sense rules to follow, such as the recommendation to use the Ffp2 mask. For a member of the Capitoline Council of Major Events, Alessandro Onorato, the controversy surrounding the deceptive Manskin: We will adopt all the precautions and precautions that the health authorities will indicate – he says – but it is singular that these controversies arise in other places where outdoor concerts are held without problems.

Therefore, so far, the shutdown has been reduced to baseless gossip. Blanco’s 60,000 fans are hoping to keep it up, too, with a double sale at Capannelle on July 27-28. Meanwhile, artists and directors do not comment. Today, a post on social networks led by Damiano with the theme of Circus Maximus is scheduled, but the content was not expected. Nothing is said from the rock parts of Rome that after Manskin on Saturday, he has plans for July: Achille Lauro, Karl Brave, Litviba, Gazelle and Capariza. There is also no shortage of controversies eyeing Marina Di Cerveteri, where Juva Beach Party will stop on July 23-24 Sixty thousand spectators. In this case, the epidemiological causes are added to those of the environmental impact that has been fueling controversy for months. The dance of life will respond to the leader of Manskin, and a tattoo will appear on his chest.

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Jul 7, 2022 (changed Jul 7, 2022 | 10:01am)

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