Doctors are in short supply, but the number remains limited. Unimore placement test

The recent months of the epidemic and the forced reorganization of public health services have significantly highlighted the shortage of physicians, particularly in some sectors and specialties or in some specific regional areas. From the emergency room to family doctors. If the crux of the question is to be found in the complex financial statements of local health firms, the question appears to be broader.

Inevitably, a long-running debate about the training aspect has reopened at the national level. In other words, a renewed discussion about whether to keep the number limited to access the university’s medical and surgical faculties, which have been strictly regulated for years. On several occasions, voices from the university and health ministries have stressed the need to go beyond the current model. But as for fact-testing, nothing fundamental has changed so far.

Available places

The training potential that universities have entered into the database is 14,740 places for candidates from EU and non-EU countries residing in Italy, compared to 14,020 last year. The ministerial decision regulating these aspects allocates places for universities temporarily, pending defining the agreement that will be taken within the framework of the permanent conference between the state and the regions.

In the specific case of Modena, where the admission notice for the next academic year has been published in the past few hours, there is no news. This follows the same methods in the past and in particular the same numbers.

In all, there are 172 places for Italian citizens, EU citizens wherever they are, and non-EU citizens legally residing in Italy, of which 14 places are for students of the Military Academy of Modena, and another 8 are for non-EU citizens residing in Italy. There are also 20 places remaining for the Master’s course in Dentistry and Prosthetic Dentistry.

Registration and testing

Starting from 4 July and no later than 3 pm on 22 July, candidates register for the entrance test exclusively through the procedure available on the national portal A candidate designated to take an entrance examination at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia premises must submit an application for admission to the competition by registering on the ESSE3 portal of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Registration for the admission test must be completed by 3:30 pm on 1 August with a non-refundable contribution of €100.00 paid.

The entrance test will take place on September 6, 2022 and consists of a solution of sixty questions offering five answer options, among which the candidate must select only one option, eliminating incorrect, arbitrary or less probable conclusions, on the topics of reading skills and knowledge acquired in studies (4 Questions), Logical Reasoning and Problems (5 questions), Biology (23 questions), Chemistry (15 questions), Physics and Mathematics (13 questions).

In compliance with the anti-coronavirus measures, candidates must present themselves on the day of the test compulsorily equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment (FFP2 masks only, surgical masks will not be considered appropriate).

The individual test is held on Tuesday in the “Bologna Fiere” booths, candidates must present themselves no later than 9 am, and 100 minutes are allotted to take the test.
Starting at 13.

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