“Double in the derby crazy passion. Ibra? My tiramisu”

The Frenchman in the presentation of his book: “Inter wanted me, but then they told me that there was no more money.”

Olivier Giroud Already uploaded for the new season. attacker Milanone of the champions of the Tournament Tour, began training again in Milanellobut he also took the afternoon to show his photo to the media the bookAnd the Always believe in itto keep track of some of the The most important moments of his adventure with the Rossoneri: “Double in the derby on February 5th was a crazy emotion, with Curva Sud in front of me – in the words of the Frenchman -. They were two heavy goals. If Inter had won the derby that would have been almost unattainable. .. “.

That memory remains indelible in Olivier’s mind: “I think God told me to believe it until the end of the first goal and also for the second … This skill happens to me sometimes. I pushed De Vrij before doing that run, so on the Calabria pass he found himself late And yet… Blowout! All the fans have been telling me about this goal for 4-5-6 months, until today, it only happens to those who believe in it. I’m so proud and I hope I can continue to experience that kind of emotion.”

The derby that won on the pitch came after that Market Last summer, when Giroud seemed one step away from Inter: “At Chelsea I was the third striker, there was Abraham and Batswahi in front of me as well. I spoke to Lampard to find a solution, but he didn’t want to take me away. Then I scored 8 goals in the last 10 games. Inter were very interested in me, but at a certain point they told me he was no longer There is money. Lazio wanted me too. I was desperate and wanted to leave. I could have gone to Tottenham, but I played for Arsenal… It was fate that I was the Rossoneri, not the Nerazzurri.”

A winning choice led on the surface of Italy: “I compared the atmosphere of winning the Scudetto with the atmosphere of the World Cup. I’ve never seen this kind of celebration before. People waited so long for this title, they cried in the street and it takes your heart. Coach? We went to France so fast, it took us 4 Hours and a half… All the fans of Reggio Emilia came to the pitch: I wasn’t expecting it, it was crazy.”

a Ceremony Which, in a sense, lasted all summer: “In the bathroom I still sing ‘We are the champions of Italy.’ I sang it all summer, I taught it to my children. We came here to see Giroud record. I also taught him that Pioli is burning. One Saturday I was partying with My family, it was my wedding anniversary and the christening of my daughter, there was a band and we sang with friends the song “Free us from desire.” I don’t know the original text anymore, but only “Pioli is on fire.”

The coach is one of the most important figures who contributed to Giroud’s success in the Rossoneri, but there are others with him. main men: “First contacts with Maldini? I was in Nice with the national team. My manager told me it was better to make a Facetime call with Maldini: for me it was something special, he is a Milan legend. I love the relationship I have with him and with Masara. I spoke with them without problems and for To me it was a sign to go to Milan. Ibrahimovic? The competition for me is tiramisu, it’s my favorite dessert. Ibra is another Milan legend. I don’t immediately tell him I like him, my friends gave me his shirt because I was a bit worried about his question… He is now He makes fun of me about this, I’m very happy with the relationship I have with Zlatan. I didn’t know much of Pioli’s style, but when I spoke with him I immediately understood that we can work very well together; he is a good person, loyal, knows how to talk to the players.”

Now there is another season to face with the aim of asserting itself and Try to beat Inter in the race for the second star: “The hardest thing in football is not to get there, but to stay where you are. We’ve had a great season and the new season will be even more difficult, because Juventus and Inter are strengthening. But I like this kind of challenge: it will be very difficult, but I think we have the qualities to win.”

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