Easy exercise to lower high blood pressure

Easy exercises help reduce stress. Provided you do it every day for a few weeks…

Eugenio Spagnolo

– Milan

Getting a firm handshake is often a good first impression. But what (probably) not everyone knows is that a firm grip can also improve health, especially for those with high blood pressure. An easy exercise is enough to make it happen…

Exercise lowers blood pressure: the study

High blood pressure is a common condition (only in Italy 1 in 3 adults suffers) and can be a harbinger of serious and serious diseases such as heart attacks or strokes. Although the typical treatment relies on drugs such as beta-blockers and dietary modifications, some scientists have also found that Increasing hand strength has a positive effect on blood pressure, Almost as much as drugs.

In a study published in the scientific journal Nature, a group of Brazilian researchers examined the effect of physical activity on blood pressure. For their analyzes, they relied on previous studies about which physical activity was better at lowering blood pressure than not. discovery? Overall, strength training was the most effective, significantly reducing blood pressure in 28 study groups. But, after further study, scientists realized that there is no need to do long sessions in the gym to achieve the goal: even Exercising for a few minutes a day to strengthen the grip of the hand muscles leads to lower blood pressurein just 20 weeks (about 5 months).

Another study conducted by McMaster University Ontario (Canada), in which participants performed 10 grip exercises per week for 8 weeks. Once again, researchers have found that training the hand muscles with specific exercises significantly improves systolic pressure at rest. They also noted that after the exercises the carotid artery became more flexible and less stiff.

Exercise to lower blood pressure: how to do it

The exercise that scientists believe helps lower blood pressure is not difficult: it consists of Hold a spring-loaded handle in one hand (also known as hand grip) for two minutes. Then, after a pause of about two minutes, you switch to the other hand and vice versa, performing two chains in each hand. Don’t try too hard: To get maximum effect from your workout, researchers suggest sticking to 30 percent of your maximum effort for two minutes of exercise. So it may be a good idea to use a knob or a flexible resistor that allows you to adjust the force. Instead, the secret is to do the exercise consistently for at least two months.

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