Elon Musk had twins with an executive from Neuralink – Mondo

Elon Musk allegedly had twins last year with a CEO at one of his companies, Neuralink. Business Insider reports it. Siobhan Zillis, 36, this is the name of the alleged mother From the children of Musk, the eighth and ninthShe has been working with the world’s richest man since 2016, when she joined the non-profit organization OpenAl. She was then assigned to Tesla, before joining Neuralink, a company developing chips that are implanted in the brain.

If confirmed It will be the second pair of twins to touch. He and his first wife, writer Justin Wilson, had twins in 2004 and triplets two years later. They also had another child, who died shortly after birth. Then the Tesla boss had two more children with musician Claire Boucher, the last of them in 2021 as a surrogate mother.

The twins will be born in November before this baby. Musk has a complicated relationship with his extended family. One of his sons recently announced that he has started the process of changing his name and gender. Xavier, 18, will be called Vivian Gina Wilson, her mother’s surname. Official documents filed with the Los Angeles court read that the young man initiated the case due to “gender identity and the fact that I do not wish to be related to my biological father in any way or form.”

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