Elon Musk has twins with a CEO of his companies

Tesla businessman Elon Musk He had twins In November 2021 b Chiffon Zelisone of the CEOs of her neurotechnology company Neuralink. The news has already been reported interested in trade. According to court documents from the US media Musk and Zellis applied to have their father’s surname recognized, while the mother’s name must be contained in the middle name. a month later The two got permission from a Texas judge. Zylis joined the company in May 2017, the same month she was appointed Project manager He received his PhD in Artificial Intelligence at Tesla, where he worked until 2019. He is also Member of the Board of Directors From artificial intelligence research firm OpenAI, co-founded by Musk, according to his profile on LinkedIn.

Chivon Zelis is the patron of Tesla

Carrying the news of the arrival of the twins The total number of Musk’s children is at nine. Musk had two children with the Canadian singer Grimes (His real name is Claire Elise Boucher) and five others with his ex-wife, a Canadian writer Justin Wilson. Musk and Grimes gave birth to their second child via surrogacy in December. The billionaire said he and Grimes were “almost separated” in September last year. Last June, one of his daughters announced that she was transgender. He activated the procedure for changing the gender and surname. Because he “no longer wanted to have anything to do with his father.” Musk met Pope Francis in early July. Four of his sons attended the hearing, which was held at Bergoglio’s private residence.

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