“Even teachers are now rethinking”

With staff on vacation and overcrowding (not an epidemic), with mild symptoms but still high horror threshold, with tests still being run despite constant dosing (and promises of a normal life), now even doctors are no longer thinking about it. Advocates like Bassetti don’t doubt: tampons are likely to be. more harmful That helps with health in these circumstances. Heavy and intrusive practices must be implemented after a positive swab, so much so that the hospital must take the time and staff of those who are critically ill: “Someone arrives with another disease and had to undergo a hospital admission swab that turns out to be positive for Covid, where he has to be placed in isolation: this takes the family, it pulls the staff, it takes the energy out of the hospital and what we get is that other people come worse treatment“.

Then there is the problem of healthcare professionals, who keep making themselves positive. Executives note that infected people must remain at home for ten days despite presenting symptoms for three days; This is a hit. Now there are also holidays and this means a loss, only in St. Ursula in Bologna, about 100-150 people“.
But for the columnist for La Verità ., Francesco Borgonovo The fundamental problem we keep putting off is this: a return to normalcy. “You are now sick if the card says so. The question should go much further to the ground: you are sick if you are sick, otherwise you are not“.

I think some of the contestants have some misgivings, they know very well what the situation is but have some anxiety about saying things as they are because otherwise they would have to admit that they have everything wrong“.
The reference to the various versions – signed and not virostar – that categorically go against the biennial narrative trend about the virus: from the fact that Covid shouldn’t even be called a Bassetti dixit, to de-isolating the positives – says Undersecretary Costa – runs through the uncomfortable words about Crisanti vaccine:He went so far as to say a few days ago that this new wave would be a kind of mass vaccination. I obviously don’t expect Crisanti to speak against tampons (he’s the tampon guy); And then he went so far as to say that the new wave takes a few people who are not severely ill and guarantees natural immunity, which we’ve seen lasts much longer than the vaccines.“.

and talked about VaccinesI don’t know if you’ve seen the ISS data: The incidence of vaccines is the same as that of unvaccinated people. identical“.

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