Falling in the gym is very dangerous – Chronicle

Defective feet, lost grip, slipped hand.

And a flight of at least three metres, maybe three and a half metres.

Yesterday in the early afternoon, when it was only a few minutes past three in the afternoon, a 25-year-old boy fell from a gym where he was competing against a wall equipped to climb the sport. It all takes place in a building in Viale Lombardia, at number 51. The alarm goes off immediately in a red code. An ambulance of the White Cross of Brugherio is immediately dispatched to position 118 and a helicopter rescue is also requested from the helipad in Bergamo. The young man was hospitalized at the San Gerardo Hospital in Monza. His diagnosis is withheld. According to the first reconstructions, he hit his head violently in the fall and was in a coma.

The local Brugherio police immediately intervened.


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