Federico Rossi accident victim: crash against…

An adventure on vacation could turn into a true drama for singer Federico Rossi, the former member of the popular duo Benji and Fede. While trying one of the most exciting water sports, water skiing, he violently crashed onto a platform and was immediately taken to the hospital…

nightmare experience for Federico Rossi, Former duo singer Benji and fed And the ex-boyfriend of the GF Vip 4 winner Paola Di Benedetto. while he was in vacation, In fact, Federico Rossi I decided to try one of the most fun and energetic water sports, which is Ski. It is a pity that everything did not go well …

singer directly fromhospital It was moved shortly after the incident, posted a video Collide Who, in spite of himself, was the protagonist. Federico RossiEven though it was ironic, he made no secret of the fact that the consequences could be much more than that severe: But let’s see together what really happened!

Federico Rossi: Melting in the water

In the video posted on Instagram can be seen Federico Rossi which is placed on skateboardobviously equipped with Helmet, And he clings tightly to the cable he was supposed to direct. Arrived near a a program, So fast, the singer couldn’t avoid it Collide And still skiing, it’s over at sea Correct collision with the edge: “Well, come on, I didn’t think I was so good at Ski “, Jokes on social media.

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The the fear It was also great for those who watched the scene: Rescue Federico Rossi He arrived at once, put him on a stretcher with a prominent collar, and was then carried in the hospital for investigations. Soon, the doctors’ response came, as the singer said on Instagram:

It could have been much worse… Three broken ribs But with a little rest everything should be fine!

Federico RossiHowever, he never lost his smile and continued to joke about the mistake that led him to him Collide. In one of his songs, entitled “Le Mans”, the singer calls us to part when necessary: ​​Federico Rossi wrote: “I expect well and I scratch hard.”

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