Fedez-Selvaggia Lucarelli, controversial: "am I a monster? you are worse" – Tuttosport

  1. Fedez-Selvaggia Lucarelli, it’s controversial: “I’m a monster? You’re worse”Tuttosport
  2. Fedez and Security Officer: “He’s a friend of mine, and now he’s a meme.” Attacks Silvagia Lucarellileggo.it
  3. Fidez, insults fly with Silvagia Lucarelli: “I’m a monster? You… that’s what you deserve”Liberoquotidiano.it
  4. “I’m terrified of this person…”, “We are no different.” A clash between Lucarelli and VidezilGiornale.it
  5. Silvagia Lucarelli in controversy with Fidez. Likewise with the PsalmRepublic
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