Fiat, what a revolution: the Italian SUV at a low price | But who would have expected that?

Fiat launches an impressive modernity that has been incorporated into a rich range of SUVs and crossovers ready to crowd an already populated sector. This is the new 4×4.

Fiat SUV –

from the arrival of this New SUVs In fact it was already talked about in 2018. It was announced that year at Salone di Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Only now the launch is official with plenty of release date. The delay is also related to Covid, which postponed everything and caused great difficulties and problems. Despite all the advantages and disadvantages, these four years have made the right changes and Unlock a unique carFree from any defect.

Fiat, the new car will be available starting this month of autumn

The car was designed and built with great difficulty. The road wasn’t a bit turbulent. finally now Fiat It can be said with pride that the new car will be available for purchase starting in the fall or perhaps before the summer of 2023.

What came out was a file A modern and sporty SUV with innovative lines. Customers will be able to choose the right car for them, starting with the characteristics of the engine for example. The first base provides 125 horsepower.

Fiat Confirms the arrival of the hybrid version and the sporty setup. This, however, is only for Brazil. The hybrid version is not intended for our market In fact.

Fiat Fastback
Fiat Fastback –

The Fiat Fastback It will never make it to Europe, at least not now. Fiat He wants to focus on the Brazilian market by continuing to launch alternative models such as Fiat pulse. On the other hand, the choice is easy to understand.

Trade options, here’s what’s going to happen in the coming months

In Europe and the United States, the brand is closely related For family members, for small carsIn short, for cars that are not aggressive or majestic. Proposing this SUV that we already know has a lot of size can be really dangerous. Also because a file The price will not be affordable The data will be too high.

According to previews, a version will be arriving soon as well Abarth With an improved engine and interesting offers, which will focus on those who have a passion for cars. It remains a pity, however, that the model will not reach Italy. Obviously those who really care can choose import which remains the only solution to apply.

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