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Clara Murnau

Are you tired of the social pressure of having to always be on point, good looking, funny, smiling, good looking and attractive? Tired of receiving invitations to lunch and dinner and organizing weekend getaways with friends? Tired of life? I have the solution for you. A ticket to Finland and set off in peace. In the fall, but also in the spring, believe me, it will not change much. – Oh, Ninita, to die in May takes a lot of courage. De Andre sang.

But not in Kuopio. Nonna Rovaniemi, not in Oulu. There is little courage even in the height of summer. Will be looking forward to it. Finland is that wonderful country where sociopaths or suicides can be alone all the time meditating on your favorite ways of dying for example.

You’ll be lonely because the average Finn would never bother making up your acquaintances, let alone engage in useless pleasantries like saying goodbye even if you’ve been living opposite each other for years. Do you know the difference between an extroverted Finn and an extroverted Finn? An introvert will talk by looking at their shoes, and an extrovert will look at your shoes. It is said of a place that contains one of its strongest values: silence. Our “small talk” that we like so much isn’t exactly a Scandinavian thing, but to be honest I’m not sure just talking here is really a “thing”.

cold shower
In the event that you are a visiting Norwegian, of course there will be no problem. You and your Finnish friend can stay comfortably seated observing each other, closed in religious (Lutheran) silence and with ease. After all, no one wants to use Suomi to communicate, not even the natives.
Speaking of foreigners, if you think the North is the bastion of liberal freedom you aspire to, it would seem like a cold shower to discover the result of a study on the rate of minority marginalization and racism within the different nations of Europe. In fact, according to the “The Being Black in Eu” report, Finland had the worst place to live if they came from the Mare Nostrum below.

The report, the second of its kind published by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, examined the experiences of nearly 6,000 people of African descent in 12 EU countries. It also collected data from more than 25,500 people, immigrants or ethnic minorities, including Roma and Russians, in all EU member states plus the UK. Among the Western countries in the survey, Finland tops the list of perceived racial discrimination through harassing speech and gestures.

About 14% of blacks in Finland said they had experienced physical abuse, the highest number among all countries overall. A dissonant note for a country that prides itself on being the standard bearer of an egalitarian cult, but which appears in fact to have become a euphemism for government-sponsored mediocrity, negativity, and low ambition.
It is enough to walk through a street of any city on the peninsula to realize the rate of laxity and unsuitability, unfortunately, among the population. The pursuit of global equality also entails a highly regulated and bureaucratic labor market.

Finding work (especially for immigrants) can be very difficult. However, there are so many low/zero income advantages that the fundamental difference in the end isn’t much, which is why many give up without cause for concern. Same with respect to income level and thus differences in lifestyle between lower and higher incomes which are not significant. While it’s fine for the poorest not to worry about going hungry or becoming homeless, it’s very frustrating for those in the upper half: every next career move hardly makes a difference in what you can afford.

I wonder if this is the reason why playing the lottery is such a popular pastime: the odds of becoming a millionaire (not that in a million you can go far in Finland) through business/entrepreneurship and winning the lottery are pretty much the same. This is also what game advertisements are often based on: “Your life can change” or “It’s the only way to truly change your life.”

Taxes and payments
Among all the absurdities about taxes and payments, the fines for violating the Highway Code reach very high levels: the story of the man who was fined 116,000 euros in 2002 – in proportion to his annual income of 7 million – became famous. Here you will find expensive but basic services, and if you have tried one of their hotels, you know what I mean. Most neighborhoods, most apartment buildings, and most streets, have the same look and feel.

This is also probably due to the lack of historical depth in the man-made environment, as the vast majority of the structures in existence today were well built after 1955. But fortunately, you eat well, ah no. In addition to the unbearable and dark climate, the local cuisine is above all really riven. Let’s be clear: if you were devoted to survival, you wouldn’t make a difference between a pig’s blood burger and the dumbest blini reindeer in the world, but you would have an idea of ​​how all nature bends to the horror of what they are capable of serving you at relative and unwarranted prices. In Helsinki, where the food is a bit better, Christmas sunrise is around 09:30 and sunset is around 15:30.

The sun rises only seven degrees above the horizon, a ray of light in this valley of tears. Between darkness and complete absence of taste, addiction finds its place among the problems of the nation and I do not rule out that it can also become a problem for you, and do not worry about judging it, because no one will care. It is not uncommon to see people drunk in the middle of the day on a weekday.
They are often harmless, a little loud but harmless. At least until they decide to take off their pants and wrap them in the snow. I’ve seen scenes like this many times from women, young women, and men – and I’m not sure they were guys growing up so bad that it’s impossible to tell.

Formalities and health care
In short, OK, but not very good. If you want to avoid cirrhosis, there is a valid alternative: with an average of 12 kg per year, Finns drink more coffee per person than anyone else in the world. Beautiful and distant gastritis, ready for the worst medical help ever in Europe. Formalism and reason are two sore points that I was able to experience first-hand. Bureaucracy is a long and arduous process and can sometimes be very inefficient. It has been 5 months since my misdiagnosis of a possible tumor, for which I still receive questionnaires with the same question, from the private clinic where the unfortunate went here for an examination.

And if their healthcare system is a serious joke that I recommend staying away from, in random competitions Finland is strong: running with wives, throwing cell phones and shoes or guitar. They probably have a lot of the latter. I think it’s the state with the most heavy and black metal teams in the world: 53 per 100,000 people. Thanks devil. If you’ve decided to move to Finland despite almost everything, only to realize you’ve screwed up, don’t worry: The National Bankruptcy Day Foundation was born for this. Since 2010, on October 13th every year, we celebrate the possibility of accepting one’s mistakes and learning from them. Perhaps the secret lies in opening the door to the imperfection that leads to the podium almost deserved by the happiest country in the world.

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