Five unexpected motorcycle models that have become treasures

Among the many masterpieces of motorcycle production in the world, there are models that have achieved popularity thanks to With extreme lines and questionable design. Pieces that, after their strong aesthetic impact and not always pleasing at first glance, have become rare, somewhat vulgar flasks that are difficult to remain indifferent to. However, there is time to introduce edges that the eyes do not easily get used to. Added to this factor is the plural, which turns business failures into The best pieces for treasure hunters And adventurers in the basement and garage.

They are assigned to the most important designers or conceived in the design departments of manufacturers, works that show all the exuberant aesthetic exercise, without regard to how much they may like, sometimes leading to gullibility and incompatibility with their main functions.

But if these bikes reach new luster and interest thanks Poor market success Making them a rarity, there are extreme models that punctually enter the official price lists, according to a specific philosophy of the company aimed at impressing with something different conceptually, and in the goals of those who produce them, attractive. A jigsaw made of postcards from the past and pictures of the present that tell us what some of the gods are Strange pieces make up this vast mosaic.

Morbidelli 850 volts

It bore Pininfarina’s signature and cost at the time nearly a hundred million old liras. These two pieces of information would be enough to stun anyone, but the superstructures of this bike certainly grabbed attention, leaving the public and insiders banned. Giancarlo Morbidelli He succeeded in becoming one of the top manufacturers of motorcycles for racing by winning four world titles in the 1970s and winning the appreciation of teams and riders who demanded motorcycles from him to compete in all categories of the Grand Prix of Speed.

Conquering the world of racing, in 1992, Morbidelli decided to produce a high-end Sport Touring and also compete in the bike production market. Someone got out A futuristic 848cc V8 engine The 32-valve engine developed a power of 120 horsepower declared at 11,000 rpm. The eight cylinders were extremely compact and the final hub motor was the perfect configuration. Unfortunately, if the bike was loved for its slim, futuristic mechanics, the healthy look that covered it from the middle of the bike up was really less attractive than it would have been nice to ride in a car of this type. The cold reception of the second edition, dated 1994, ended this very expensive and difficult to distribute project.

Super Nude Voxan

Voxan is the brand that has made headlines in recent months for its founding with one bike record Speed ​​records with Max Biaggi. However, in 2010, the French company suffered a severe crisis and was liquidated, auctioning several pieces including a prototype that was never produced, but if it did, it would surely challenge the aesthetic tastes of many, including insiders. .

He was called Voxan Super Naked and as the name suggests, he was super nude. Designed by Philippe Starck, who actually signed the Aprilia Motò 6.5 in the ’90s, it was a very conceptual bike. It should have had a 1,200 cc V-twin capable of developing 140 horsepower and from this engine Starck developed the bike’s basic attributes capable of minimizing everything necessary, as declared at the time himself. Designer:Building a motorcycle means providing an engine…and then building a motorcycle around it. We’re not sure about the designers: we don’t paint. We put the engine and then try to add only the minimum, what is functional. Then you paint the bike itself on the foundation. With this approach, we are more engineers than designers“.

The result was a simple bike with clean rectangular shapes in contrast to the roundness of the exhaust, wheels and fenders. Unfortunately, we don’t know if this bike will ever be successful, at least by critics and possibly revitalizing the Voxan economies of those years. It remains a unique model in every sense of the word, Hard to judge and very naive as you imagine.

Honda DN-01

Built for the perfect crossing Between scooter and motorcycleHonda DN-01 dissatisfied both categories of users, and also cut itself off due to the price, which at exit exceeded 11,000 euros. Listed from 2008 to 2010, it was equipped with a 680 cc V-twin, regulated by a sequential automatic gearbox.

The shape was very similar to that of large scooters, but with a classic driving position for large-displacement cruisers. Very fair on the front and the dark, iridescent color that was suggested in the base model, making it look like a large eggplant with wheels. Underneath all that plastic was hidden, in addition to the engine, a real twin motorcycle tire as well as wheel sizes (10 / 70R17 ant. and 190 / 50R17pos.). Reliable and exemplary Honda, the largest number of models were sold between 2008 and 2009 and about 1,000 models were registered in Italy. Unconvincing as a motorbike and so demanding as a scooter, In 2012 he left the official list.

Allen virus

At the Vyrus, we are used to seeing Bimota Tesi as regular motorcycles and don’t surprise us anymore. It is no coincidence that the slogan “Pure technological stupidityAnd the last of these “foolishnesses” is called Allen. Equipped with a Ducati Super Square 1,285 cc desmo twin cylinder that produces 205 hp at 10,500 rpm. A real engine bomb held together in a completely out-of-the-box design and every detail is rule-free. Small headlights are placed one above the other and look like the eyes of an insect (or an alien race).

The motor is bearing and the whole structure is covered carbon in quantity. Single-sided rocker arm and front fork with Vyrus wire-wire hydraulic steering. The bezel is made of double omega magnesium as on previous models. The strength of this chassis solution lies in the increased stability in the operating arrangement at high speeds. Of all the examples, Alyen is the most exciting, beautiful and innovative because it is insanely salable. Extreme, enthusiasts can divide.


It is not new that the Germans have always preferred a functional and linear style, to the detriment of the purely aesthetic aspect. And on the rare occasions that they have tried their hand at Teutonic art, they have highlighted all their limits in terms of taste, making them even more appreciated for solid, basic solutions. Produced from 2004 to 2008The BMW R1200ST hit the market on the wave of huge success of the then innovative 1170 cc boxer which retired from the previous 1150 cc.

Among the entire R lineup (including the GS), equipped with the 1.2-liter engine, the ST design proposal would mean selling a few thousand less. Interestingly, how well it was finished, the aesthetics of this model did not convince, although it shares the same characteristics as the entire series. The vertical development of the headlights surrounded by an elongated hexagonal shape and the large shield-like fairing made it look like a two-wheeled cyclop. Maneuverable, comfortable, powerful, and relatively light (205 kg), it would have been satisfactorily popular with motorcyclists of all kinds, but the lack of charm and in-house competition for more beautiful and technically identical bikes didn’t bring him luck.

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