Food withdrawal, a serious carcinogen risk

The urgent food recall issued by the food safety control authorities is related to an item imported into our country.

call food, the risk remains serious with regard to a product imported by Italy within its borders. There is a very specific commodity load on the outside for which a substance has been identified as hazardous to the body.

Supermarket aisle (Pixabay)

It is Ochratoxin A, Mycotoxins believed to be so Possibly carcinogenic Which can also cause damage at the genetic level. Ochratoxin A also attacks protein synthesis and particularly affects the kidneys and digestive system. The emergency food recall was triggered by RASFF.

The European Rapid System for Food and Feed Safety did not think twice about removing the product in question from the market. Summoning food is related to the gods Organic dried figs from Turkey.

Ochratoxin A is also often found in other types of dried fruits, in wine, coffee, and cereals. And it can cause harm to the whole body, as it can easily flow into the blood.

Food recall, alarm from RASFF today

In the case of this type of mycotoxin there is no maximum amount that can be tolerated by the current regulations in force with regard to food safety,n Italy and the European Union.

some dried figs
Dried figs (Pixabay)

Even tiny amounts generate nutritional appeal, just as it did in this case.

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As always, the European Express Food and Feed Safety System always monitors on a daily basis in order to identify any irregularities.

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And at the slightest contradiction with the adopted rules, the authorities responsible for controlling food commodities traded on the territory of the European Union immediately take all necessary measures. All this to ensure Maximum consumer health protection.

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