General Graziano: “Minister in the Lega-M5 government wanted equality between the United States and Putin”

Minister in the government of Conte I, who supported him League and 5-star movementHe wanted to give up Atlantism for the sake of Equal distance with Russia. Revelation from General Claudio Graziano, Chairman of the Military Committee of the European Union until 2022. Today he is ready to tell the background on the occasion of the release of the book written with Marco Valerio Le Pretty It was published by Lewis University Press under the title “The Mission.” The story that Graziano tells begins with an encounter with him Join as Chief of Defense Staff. One member of the Yellow-Green Executive believes that Italy should be “at equal distance between the two poles of international friendship”. This is the United States and Russia.

In the American “pole”, in fact, the state – With all its military joints, including – It should surround the Russian “pole,” are the quotation marks shown. But in the book is also the story of the Conte government’s cabinet: “When I am asked to give an opinion on the subject, I explain why it seems to me a reckless choice.” The General, in the book you present today RepublicHe did not even mention the minister who supported the “equal line” between Moscow and Washington My theory after the annexation of Crimea. But Graziano is well aware of “the constant of history and geopolitics. Russia’s goal has always been to undermine Euro-Atlantic (and European alternative) unity. And as a continental superpower, to be able to look at the Mediterranean to better resist Western naval powers. The Taksim and Embra It remains Moscow’s core strategy toward Europe.”

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