Gf Vip 7, Alfonso Signorini gives an idea of ​​another official competitor

in this days Alfonso Signorini Cultivates clues about the identity of my competitors Gf Vip 7. After explaining it in residence Pamela Prati will enter for the second time, The conductor posted a photo of a boy’s hand with a very special bracelet:

Many have wondered who it could be. In view of a video that was discovered by the most interested people on social networks, there will not be much doubts:

it will be from George SiobilanFormer competitor the collegetransition Rai 2 Which brings teens together by making them live a few weeks’ experience in a boarding school, with appropriate restrictions and rules. After this adventure, Ciupilan He was among the heroes of another branded show opinionAnd the barrackswhere he met Linda Morey Who was born with good understanding.

Currently, however, George He appears to be single and very popular on social networks as he has over 500,000 followers. In fact, it seems very likely that the young man might have been chosen before Alfonso Since then in the last issue of From There is an interview with him. So far, however, nothing has been confirmed. For any official status we have to wait.

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