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A necessary step to make the club fly, simplify the corporate structure and facilitate economic and financial transactions that would otherwise have been less flexible and certainly more expensive

Li Roma is one step away fromGoodbye stock market. goal that the owner dan Friedkin Bruna is fixed to buy the company on August 17, 2020, write Alessandro Angeloni and Gianluca Lengua at Prophet.

necessary step To make the club fly, simplify the corporate structure and facilitate economic and financial operations that may be less flexible and certainly more difficult. Yesterday, about 3 million subscriptions (sold shares), equivalent to 0.5 of the capital, were registered. Tomorrow will be the last day to join and allow Rome to join Exit from Piazza Avary.

The marathon, which began on June 13, and was allocated by Friedkin a budget of about 36 million The stock price is set at 0.43 euros. The consideration is the result of the quarterly, semi-annual and last year averages of the stock on the stock exchange.

The operation is close to the heart of the American president. As he noted in the letter he sent to shareholders last May: “We have already invested significant financial resources, time and effort. This has enabled the club to come out of the crisis stronger than before. We are confident that we can say that the future of the club we all love will be bright.”.

At that time a businessman from Texas It owned 86.8% of the capitalwhich means it has grown by about six percentage points but not enough to complete its expansion project. This is why it is possible to ask Consob Seven day extension To get to checkers: “We’ve announced a process that aims to achieve more

The efficiency of our business structure, which will allow the club to make further investments aimed at strengthening the presence of AS Roma among the most Important players in the world of football on a global level. We believe this is the time to accelerate our growth goals and repay the loyalty and trust of the Giallorossi people.“.

To entice all stockholders to sell, a Loyalty Program in NBA style the name of the thing Help Club. Based on the number of securities to be sold. In short. An individual shareholder will be able to enjoy many benefits: from a dinner with the president in person to meeting with Mourinho Go through the concessions of buying derby tickets to attend open practice sessions until partaking in the usual Christmas dinner.

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