Goodbye to the air conditioner, 10 cents is enough to renovate the house in a few minutes

Summer is officially here and with it the daunting task of making the home environment as fresh as possible.

New home –

The easiest way to achieve this is to install an air conditioner, but the high costs of appliances (and bills) for some homes can be very expensive. So how can you reduce the heat inside the house without incurring huge expenses? Here, in this regard, is a very easy (and cheap) do-it-yourself method.

During the summer, people are mainly divided into two categories: those who rejoice at the arrival of high temperature And those who, on the other hand, can’t wait hot It ends despite the fact that, as in the present period, it has just begun.

This “eternal conflict” also occurs between members of the same family, which makes it difficult to adjust the temperature air conditioner, if you own one. However, with a little ingenuity, you can make the home environment more fresh even without the help of this device, and not just get satisfaction From the heat, but also considering savings on billing.

Here, then, is how to get a higher temperature Fresh In our homes using simple things like a fan and water bottles.

DIY air conditioner

In the summer, in addition to the temperatures, due to the frequent use of air conditioners, there is also a risk of increased bills. However, sometimes, when the heat is too hot UnbearableA fan alone may not be enough, making the hottest months even more difficult to navigate.

wall mounted air conditioner
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So how do we make rooms cooler without spending a lot of money? All we need is a fanbottles ofWaterAnd some cooking and frozen salt.

To create our own air conditioner, we must, first of all, get three full bottles of water and add three teaspoons of salt From the kitchen and mix. Next, you need to store the bottles in it freezer Wait for the water to reach full freeze.

fan at home
Fan –

After that, all we have to do is turn on the fan by setting the method constant ventilation And store almost frozen water bottles fifteen centimeters away from it. By doing this, the air blown by the fan will be considerably cooler!

Salt in water – why?

to earn more effective It is possible for our air conditioner to make dates it is necessary, as mentioned earlier, to add simple kitchen salt to the water before proceeding to freezing. But for what reason?

jar of salt
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The purpose of salt, in this context, is the purpose of minimum Ice temperature, in order to make the air moving by the fan as cool as possible; On the other hand, the freezing process will be a bit more long.

To fix the problem, just freeze more bottles, so you always have some to support.

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