Have you ever seen Alessandra Celentano without makeup? You will never believe it

Alessandra Celentano has been one of the main coaches for Amici since 2003 and in all these years we have come to know her very strong personality and character..

One thing is certain over the years Alessandra Celentano She’s been identified as “bad” for Maria De Filippi’s show because she doesn’t send them to say, it’s always too direct and catchy for better or worse. In fact, there was no shortage of clashes with both the students and the other coaches. Alessandra Celentano has very specific dance canons and always follows them to the end.

The 21st edition of Got Talent expired a few weeks ago. In the end, one of his students won this year’s dance class, Michel Esposito.

However, Alessandra Celentano’s commitments do not stop on television, because she is a very busy professional between training periods and training sessions. In one Instagram shot of her interest, she is enjoying a well-deserved break in the pool and in this particular photo we can say we can see her without makeup.

Here’s how Alessandra Celentano looks without makeup and without filters

Alessandra Celentano herself has made a career as a dancer, and it has been a great one. In the past, in fact, he has participated in tours around the world and danced in major theaters in Italy.

Today she is known above all for her role as a trainer in the Maria De Filippi program and for her intensity and also on social networks, she is very well known, to the point that she has 500,000 followers.

Just on her Instagram, in the past few weeks, she’s shared a shot showing herself in the pool while she’s on a full break and in the shot in question we can see her. natural. Definitely a new look that isn’t seen often.

Celentano Alessandra without makeup

In the shot you see that she does not even have a trace of makeup, and as we can read from the comment the dancer chose on her profile, Alessandra Celentano wrote: “A little relaxation with my good friend Corrado. Good summer everyone.”

Undoubtedly, she is still a beautiful woman and even without makeup she looks great. This can be seen with the naked eye from the photo and from the comments to the post where there is no shortage of Positive comments for the dancer and coach Amici Di Maria Di Filippi.

what do you think? Do you find it equally beautiful?

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