Have you ever wondered why barbershops are closed on Mondays? The reason is scary

Let’s face it: an important party or party is approaching, and during the week of preparations, you set a day to go to the barber … Who knows if he will go on Thursday or Tuesday, but one thing is certain: Monday is impossible and Everyone knows that hairdressers close on the first day of the week. Why does this habit exist?

The story we are going to tell is an episode of a plot characterized by love, jealousy and death. One might think that barbershops are only closed on Mondays in the South; While that, It is exactly the repetition of the entire Italian shoe.

We must jump to the past, about three centuries ago: in the year 1700 in Florence A woman named Mariochia has diedBut let’s go in order. In the summer of 1742, and more specifically in June, a body was found on Via San Cristofano near Santa Croce.

The massacred corpse belonged to a well-known prostitute in the city. This murder provokes the most contrasting reactions and, as usual, provokes the police, then known as “Berry“. The first path is represented by pawn shops Already in vogue in the eighteenth century. According to investigators, the killer somehow wanted to get rid of the things that could have set him up.

Much like in the Sherlock Holmes story, the Berry family has an excellent intuition: The skirt of the brutally murdered woman was found in a pawnshop in Florence. Apparently the dress has been Mariuccia’s dress since the whole city He knew he would welcome his customers this way. To sell the dress to a twenty-two-year-old merchant, Antonio di Vittorio Gianni, a barber in Via Romana.

In order to watch the execution of the boy, guilty of murder out of jealousy, all the barbers of Florence They close the following MondayJune 11, 1742. Since then, barbers used to keep the salon closed on Mondays.

I remained on the subject of facts before our eyes that we forget to give an explanation. Do you know what the pants pocket is?

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