How do new self-rotating wind turbines work?

The Tuscan designer’s idea could solve one of the major limitations of wind turbines. Airon, in fact, is a self-rotating wind turbine that can represent an excellent solution for the one-way movement of propellers.

Among the file types energies renewableDefinitely a major role to playWind Energy, which are exploited by wind turbines. The latter can be used for large and small power production.

generally fans They move in one direction, vertically or horizontally, and this implies an important direction Determine of the devices concerned. At this point intervenes the invention of Aldo Benincasa, a Tuscany design expert in industrial patent prototyping, who developed a new type of wind turbine, which he himself called “Iron“.

Let’s see what it is.

Airon, the new self-rotating wind turbine

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In an interview with Futuro Prossimo magazine, Aldo Benincasa revealed some details about Irona new kind of wind turbines of his design. It’s a wind turbine Multi-blade self-rotating Capable of balancing two blades of the same fan so that the resistance of the corresponding blade of the same fan is approximately canceled at the slightest wind.

Regarding system efficiency, Benincasa:

We are currently still improving the measurements, because we are still working on perfecting the project in terms of noise reduction. (…]I think ‘AIRON’ micro wind turbines with self-rotating propellers can be used for a starting production of about 500/600 Wh in the case of small dimensions (about 1.40m/1.50m with a weight of approx 10kg) from prototype trials However, the system can also be used for medium-sized wind turbines (2 to 5 m) as each fan is monolithic and therefore has excellent power during a quarter turn through suitable bearing systems and proportional shock absorber lock-up systems.

Finally, regarding its applications, Airon turns out to be quite versatile and easy to install. In addition to presenting aslocal wind“It could also play its part in vehicles and boats.

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