How I became the youngest billionaire in the United States

Rihanna was named “the youngest self-made billionaire in the United States” by Forbes magazine. This feat was achieved thanks to his flair for entrepreneurship.

It can’t be denied 2022 was Rihanna’s year. after her birth first sonBorn in union with partner As soon as possible, my hero Born on May 13 in a hospital in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Singer and businesswoman officially The youngest billionaire in the USA. To decide is the magazine Forbeswhich puts it in Twenty-first place in list America’s richest self-made women. In fact, although the fileArtist originally from Barbados He hasn’t (yet, at least) reached the top of the rankings, the fact that he has accumulated Net worth of $1.4 billion Just 34 years actually makes it The youngest billionaire in the countryby subtracting (and then overriding) the previously assigned precedence a Kylie Jennerthe reality show star and her 24-year-old sister Kim kardashian.

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Forbes calls Rihanna the ‘youngest billionaire in the United States’

between Musical hits, short film breaks, and a successful entry into the business worldprofession Rihanna It seems unstoppable and is destined to reach ever higher peaks. The last in this long list of accomplishments is, in fact, the appointment of a The youngest self-made billionaire in the United States, The address assigned to it by Forbes by virtue of him legacy that touches the height 1.4 billion dollars (Net number!). The performer hits like ParachuteAnd the Diamond And the do not stop the Music Currently occupying step 21 In the ranking set by the American magazine and dominated this year Diane Hendricksa 75-year-old businesswoman who founded it with her now-deceased husband supply ABCa large distribution chain of building products.

To make this goal more extraordinary the fact that Rihanna is the only woman under 40 on the list And the The first billionaire in the history of BarbadosThe Caribbean island where she was born and lived until she was sixteen.

Moreover, in the face of this news, it is necessary to stress the expression self made. Rihanna, in fact, “made” herself completely on her own, without recommendations or nudges. distancedifficult childhoodlearned by His parents divorce It’s problems Father’s alcohol and cocaine addictionThe singer sought to get her fortune in the United States, moving at the age of sixteen, and immediately noticed her extraordinary singing talent.

The unstoppable success of Fenty Beauty

But surprisingly, stratospheric capital has been accumulating in recent years since then Rihanna This should not be attributed to his record successes, but to his own successes Exceptional pioneering flair. In fact, most of its revenue comes from Fenty Beauty, Which cosmetic brand is Co-owner with giant LVMH Which, only in 2020, reached the level The turnover exceeds 550 million dollars. The victory of this brand in a saturated sector is now due to holistic spirit For the artist who faced serious color flaws in makeup products, he had an intuition to launchOr more than 40 shades of foundation to finally adapt to all skin types.

Rihanna’s strong point? inclusivity

And this is exactly the commitment that was carried out before Rihanna towards Greater inclusion in the fashion and beauty sector To report its success in entrepreneurship. We also confirmed it by looking at his other project, a project Savage x Fenty, . brand underwear of which the artist is the founder and currently a shareholder of 30%. by suggesting Convenient but very exciting alternatives, Entrepreneur succeeds in the purpose of improving bodies of all shapes, ensuring everyone’s right to be excited, regardless of size and number on the scale. A principle that she firmly believes in and has also applied throughout Pregnancyradically revolutionizing the stereotype of maternity fashion.

Sharing Sponsorship: The Singer’s Charitable Commitment

But, despite the bank account, Rihanna He certainly does not intend to keep all the profits for himself. The billionaire artist and entrepreneur has also been known for her philanthropic commitment, the same thing that in 2012 led her to founding Clara Lionel FoundationIt is a humanitarian institution named in honor of the grandparents with whom I grew up in Barbados. Through this particular non-profit organization, during the Covid emergency, the singer Donated $5 million equivalent to the World Health Organization and health institutions operating in poor countries such as Malawi And the Haiti. But it does not end there because, always in the context of a pandemic, Rihanna donated $700,000 to buy ventilators To be delivered to Barbados, her hometown with which she is still deeply attached and to which she has been appointed an “Official Ambassador for Culture and Youth”.

No wonder these gestures of solidarity. In fact, she herself, during an interview with The New York Times dating back to 2019, stated that “My money is not mine; I always have the idea of ​​being able to help someone else.”


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The other women on the Forbes list

To maintain the company a Rihanna In the list he made Forbesas well as other gorgeous women on the show, we can count on them among them Kim kardashianwith a net worth of $1.8 billion, the latter’s little sister Kylie JennerWorth up to 600 million dollars, Immortal MadonnaWhich has an economic value of $ 575 million certainly does not cry over misery, but also BeyonceAnd 450 million dollars and the actress Reese Witherspoon430 million dollars.

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