How to install the MIUI Leica Camera app from Xiaomi

Yesterday was an important day for Xiaomi 12SAnd the 12S Pro And the 12s Ultrathe new top of the range that officially offers to cooperate with Ica. With this new main triple panel, Xiaomi has decided to start a partnership with the aim of raising the bar in the field of photography for its smartphones. We’ve seen very important hardware developments for the Ultra model, but the news is also on the software side. With this new collaboration, a New camera app, which will be pre-installed on the three smartphones but is now available to anyone who owns a Xiaomi smartphone, the Redmi POCO. So let’s see what the news is How to install it on your Xiaomi smartphone.

The new MIUI Leica Camera app is available to all Xiaomi users

Once installed, the camera app developed by Xiaomi in cooperation with Leica presents a fileRetouched interface, although what we already knew did not bother us. What changes is the font, with a less bold effect, the arrangement of shooting modes in the horizontal bar at the bottom and the zoom indicators.

xiaomi miui leica camera app
Before after

But the main changes relate to two aspects: filters and the Leica watermark. Browsing in the user interface of the Xiaomi Photos app, you will come across a new filter arrangement, not higher but easily accessible after it has been moved to the bottom.

xiaomi miui leica camera app
Leica filters and watermarks

By activating the Leica Watermark option, shooting in Photo or Portrait mode will add a bar at the bottom containing the Leica logo, EXIF ​​data, and the name of the smartphone the photo was taken with.

xiaomi miui leica camera app

Below you can see a gallery of images created by comparing the different Leica filters available: Clear And the natural for color shots, B&W Natural And the high contrast For those who wear black and white. These are not particularly aggressive filters, but they differ slightly in saturation, contrast and sharpness of images.

How to download and install the Leica Camera app from Xiaomi

Although only the Xiaomi 12S series has the partnership with Leica, owning the new MIUI Camera app is very simple. That’s enough for you Download the APK file From the link at the end of the article (you can find it under “camera”), then start the installation and the pre-installed app on Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO will be updated.

Download Xiaomi’s Leica Camera App

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