Human remains are everywhere. mourning in a catholic cemetery in turkey

It may not be a coincidence that profane graveyard The Yemishli Catholic Church was erected in the southeastern Turkey’s Mardin province before the Feast of Saint Peter and Paul. In the center of this ancient cemetery, the original nucleus of which dates back to the year one thousand, is a chapel dedicated to the Apostles in the 1960s. Each year, the area’s Christian community, made up of believers of the Chaldean, Syriac and Assyrian rites, visits the graves of their ancestors on June 29. A targeted attack, then, on Christians who have lived in the area for centuries.

The scenario they faced this year upon arriving at the cemetery was horrific. According to reports from the local press, taken fromvids agencyhundreds of Cemeteries It has been opened and desecrated. The remains of corpses, bones and objects in the coffins, next to the tombstones, and even the relics of saints were scattered everywhere. Shocked believers gathered, like every year, to celebrate the rites of suffrage for the souls of their loved ones and in honor of the apostles Peter and Paul. Shock first, then despair. Eyewitnesses filed a complaint with the local authorities.

An investigation has been opened into this matter, but it is not yet clear who the authors of the gesture directed against a community that has lived in the Tur Abdin area since the Middle Ages. They are basically Christians The Syrian Orthodox settled in these mountains not far from the borders with Syria and Iraq. Mardin from 1200, he remembers vids, the seat of the Syriac Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch, inside the monastery of Mar Hananyo. Then, starting in 1933, the patriarchate moved to Syria, first to the city of Homs and then to Damascus. It is therefore no coincidence that thousands of Christian refugees from Syria flocked to Mardin province during the years of conflict between the revolutionaries and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Until 2017, Syrian Orthodox Church holdings in the area were under the control of the Turkish government. But since 2018, churches, monasteries and cemeteries like the Yemishli Church are back under control patriarchal Thanks to a decree-law preventing the confiscation of about thirty real estate, which would have ended in the inheritance of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, Diyanet. Representatives of the Yazidis living in the same area expressed their solidarity with the Christian community in Mardin for the damage caused to them.

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