“I, Nicholas Vaporidis, and Alvin are dazed for it”

Revealing the former castaway from L’Isola dei Famosi on Soleil Sorge.

Eduardo Tavasi He returned to talk about his long and intense experience a Celebrity Island who knows him too Soleil rise. And on the latter, the Guendalina’s brother let himself go to an unpublished confession about a Honduran meeting with the beautiful Italian-American influencer.

Edoardo Tavassi background on landing of Soleil as it falls at L’Isola dei Famosi

recognition time for Eduardo Tavasi. A few days after the end Celebrity Islandthe sympathetic Roman, who conquered every Canale 5 audience with his radiance and sarcasm, allowed himself to go to Confession about Sulli. The former castaway commented on the influencer’s arrival in Honduras and also grew up Nicholas Vaporidis and reporter Alvin:

What can I say about her, only positive things. It was nice and sunny with us. When I saw her arrive, they stopped everyone, everything stopped me. Nicola, me and Alvin were also dumbfounded and open. Let’s say we’re stuck for a moment. No okay because she’s still a pretty kidding girl aside.

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And it’s not just beautiful. He auditioned for a Vitruvian man by making him jump a spear, he’s really strong – Tavasi added – let’s say it was a good show when Sully was with us. Then I must reveal that she is also very cute, beautiful, in short, Soli to me is a big yes. This girl is totally approved.

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