If you have this unapproved accessory, you can also take off your underwear

The Highway Code prohibits, for safety reasons, being able to turn a motorcycle or scooter without rear-view mirrors. Moreover, it is essential that the existing mirrors are not damaged or uncertified. Let’s move on to discovering useful information about this supplement, to reduce the risk of falling into very high fines.

If you have this unapproved accessory, that’s a problem – Motori.nes

Driving without rearview mirrors is not permitted. In fact, the highway code through Article 72 Paragraph 1 letter (d) tells us that “Motorcycles, cars and cars must be equipped with rear-view devices”. Traveling with an accessory allows you to be able to check at any time what is happening behind you, thus, it is not only a recommended choice but a real commitment!

Rearview mirror is necessary then. Very often we see some motorcyclists on the street without this accessory. But This absence threatens his safety and the safety of all other people on the street, from motorists and motorcyclists to pedestrians. So it is not enough to turn your head. This step is recommended in some cases, while in others it is completely prohibited or, in any case, not recommended. The rearview mirror lets you control everything at all times.

Looking in the mirror before taking any action on the road – overtaking, maneuvering or anything else – is always the right step to do!

Rearview mirror is essential for road safety!

The Importance of Rearview Mirror – Motori.News

In addition to not having the mirror, you can also incur fines if it is damaged or not approved. So, pay attention to this too! To be valid, the rearview mirrors must have EC type approval mark.

But how many mirrors should you have? one or two? The answer is very simple! If your bike contains technical data The maximum speed is less than 100 km/hthen it will be necessary Only one mirror. It will be placed on the left side of the car in countries where the traffic is on the right, as it happens in our country.

On the other hand, if a file At full speed Your two-wheeled car too Above 100 km/hthen there is rear view mirrors, One to the right and one to the left!

What fine can you get?

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A lost or damaged mirror exposes you to a fine – Motori.News

In the event that the police stop you and find you without the mirror, damaged or not approved, the risk of incurring heavy fines is obvious! In fact, The fine can range from 87 to 344 euros, Depending on whether the mirror is absent, damaged or not certified.

but that is not all. In fact, the fine can be even greater if the agents retrieve one Violation of Article 78This is it “Changes in the building characteristics of circulating vehicles and the update of the registration certificate”. If so, in addition to a Fine salty between 430€ to 1731€, There may also be a withdrawal of the trading certificate.

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