If you make these petty mistakes, penalties will be triggered and the card will be drawn

There are some seemingly trivial errors that can cost you dearly when it comes to an ATM.

The automated teller machine is the counter automatic It is very popular among Italians, but now you need to be careful.

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Almost everyone uses it more or less regularly But you have to be very careful Because sometimes seemingly trivial mistakes can cost you dearly.

Here are the mistakes to avoid

Let’s see the trivial errors that can get into trouble for Italians.


There is no shortage of new tricks and penalties. First of all, a mistake many make He forgot the card inside the ATM. When you make a withdrawal, you focus on withdrawing the money and putting it in your wallet and it can happen That the card remains in the slot. But after a few seconds, the ATM pulls it up for safety. In this case, to restore it, you will have to wait for a file Reopen the bank and talk to the officials. But now you have to beware of the new scam as well. In fact, gangs of criminals have been discovered hiding a mechanism inside ATMs The remote control can lock the card.

Cheating and penalties

The account holder will be convinced that the ATM is broken and will go to the branch to retrieve the card But by doing so, the bandit will be able to unlock and use his card without inconvenience. The biggest danger with regard to ATMs is precisely the thresholds of usage. In fact, there are new thresholds for the use of cash Which can get you into serious trouble if you make a very large withdrawal. Let’s see what happens. In a few months, the new minimum cash usage will be activated. Any cash payments made primarily From 1,000 euros and above will be punished with a heavy fine.

New controls and thresholds

At ATMs withdraw more than a thousand euros from next year will be It is considered very suspicious. In fact, from next year, the new cap on the use of cash payments comes into effect. Therefore, the account holder must withdraw from the ATM More than a thousand euros will be suspected of wanting to violate this legislation. The bank might be too Report Do this and ask a whole series of questions. In short, from next year with the threshold of a new thousand euros, you should be careful not to overdo the withdrawals if you do not want to have unnecessary hassles.

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