In the washing machine, this very common mistake with clothes is deadly: you have a heart attack

Did you know that your washing machine can become a veritable den of germs and bacteria, even very dangerous ones? Let’s see how to avoid it.

Intestinal infarction –

Although it is a device that takes care of washing and sterilizing clothes, the washing machine must also be cleaned.

The washing machine must also be cleaned

Even in a washing machine, they can Latent germs and dangerous bacteria for health. Not only can they be worn from the same clothes, but the latter can be contaminated by touching them in the washing machine.

washing machine
washing machine –

In fact, indoors, bacteria can live and multiply which can be especially dangerous to the health of already vulnerable people. In fact, they can get a serious infection.

health hazards

At the University of Bonn, researchers examined what led to Admission of newborns to hospital, especially those to whom pathogens have been transmitted. In pediatrics, there are often many contaminated children hospitalized Klebsiella oxytoca.

It is a germ responsible for infections not only in the respiratory system but also in the digestive system. It is a bacterium that, in extreme cases, can lead to sepsis and, eventually, to the death of those who have contracted it.

Researchers from the Hygiene Institute conducted surveys between 2012 and 2013 and found that bacteria thrived inside hospital washers. In particular, bacteria Lies in the washing machine door seals Who was in charge of washing linen for newborns admitted to the hospital, fortunately, all in a not so serious manner. The danger was that they could die from intestinal infarction caused by the fact that the vessels, dilated, block the blood supply to the organ.

magazine Applied and Environmental Microbiology, which published the study that showed how washing machines can be a habitat for germs and bacteria. The risk remains for infants, the elderly, and anyone with a weakened immune system.

washing machine
washing machine –

For this reason, at home, if there are people at risk, it would be better to start washing machines only at 60 degrees or more. In this way, pathogenic microorganisms will disappear. Moreover, to prevent the spread of bacteria, it would be a good idea to clean the washing machine thoroughly once a month. It is necessary to focus above all on the seals that can accumulate inside them, stagnant water that can help the multiplication of bacteria.

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