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there release day From Bright memory: infinite PS5 and Xbox Series X confirmed | S and Nintendo Switch by publishing a file Official Announcement, which also shows gameplay sequences from the console version of the game. In the movie, we can also see some costumes that will be provided to the hero, which has also been added as a bonus to the PC version.

Original news:
there Exit date From Bright memory: infinite PS5 and Xbox Series X have been unveiled | S and Nintendo Switch in advance thanks to Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo stores that added the game to the list by reporting 21 July 2022 as launch day.

The Japanese PlayStation Store and Nintendo eShop rated it as “Bright Memory: Infinite Gold Edition”, while the Xbox Store is “Bright Memory: Infinite Platinum Edition”. The “Gold Edition” is not available in the Microsoft Store and vice versa for the “Platinum Edition”, but it is not clear if these versions will appear and what the differences are.

What is certain is that the shooter created by Zeng “FYQD” Xiancheng will debut on July 21, 2022 on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch, the information was also confirmed by an official trailer added to the page dedicated to the Microsoft Store.

Bright Memory Infinite

According to information shared by PLAYISM, both versions Xbox Series X | S and PS5 From Bright Memory: Support for Borderless Raytracing with 60fps reflections and 120fps performance mode is also available. The PlayStation 5 version will also benefit from adaptive Dualsense players.

Instead, a version of Nintendo Switch, which runs natively on hardware rather than through the cloud, features multiple TAA anti-alias sampling and allows you to aim with console gyroscopes. Each console version will include all of the cosmetics downloadable content from the PC version with the base game, including a set of additional costumes for main character Shelia.

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