Interventions and deferred visits. The number of children in hospital doubled in 7 days

In Italy there are at least 20,000 the doctors And the nurses stuck at home with Corona virus disease. In hospitals, serious problems arise to ensure services. And also because hospitalizations are increasing in parallel with a sign that should not be underestimated with regard to minors.

In the ward there are too many uncovered chests: this means forcing you to merge departments, but also to postpone what can be postponed, such as outpatient activities and scheduled surgeries. The effect of slowing down will be to lengthen the queues. A few examples, taking two main regions: In Emilia-Romagna, there are already more than 1,300 health workers who have been stopped by Covid (“working staff now is overworked” trade unions say). There are at least 2000 in Lazio.

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on the other side Omicron 5 It’s spreading so fast, as of yesterday there were nearly 108,000 cases, with a positive rate of 28 percent. In Italy there are 1,146,034 people infected (with many infections, and a recent study suggests those taking Covid for a second time are at greater risk of hospitalization): it is statistically clear that there are also many health workers. On the one hand, doctors and nurses are decreasing due to infection, and on the other hand, the number of hospitalizations is increasing, and 8 thousand have largely been exceeded. “It is worrying that we are also seeing more and more children and young adults who have to be hospitalized with Covid symptoms,” says Giovanni Migliori, president of Fiaso (Confederation of Health Companies) and general manager of Bari Polyclinic. Just yesterday, Fiaso released data showing that hospitalizations of children due to Covid double in one week: they are mainly 0-4-year-olds. There was an overall increase of 84 percent among those under 18. Professor Alberto Villani, Head of the Department of General Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases at the Bambino Gesu Hospital in Rome, explained: “These data confirm that the increase in the spread of the virus includes the developmental age with methods and characteristics similar to those of the general population: an increase in infection, in the number of asymptomatic infected people, etc. This results in an increase in hospital admissions.” Hospitals are in trouble due to operators getting infected, on the other hand the presence of Covid patients is gradually increasing.

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How does it come out? It best explains: “Those who run healthcare companies and hospitals like us have a double responsibility: to protect the health of patients while protecting employees. This is why we continue to conduct constant checks, with swabs, among employees. With such a high prevalence of the virus, of course, many pluses are found. But this also happens in other services of fundamental importance, it must be said. In the face of staff shortages, we respond with respect to the hierarchy of services.” This means that emergency emergencies are guaranteed, and what is not necessary are postponed, such as outpatient activities and elective interventions. The hope of recovering lost sites in the queue is fading.

emergency room
Emergency rooms are also in big trouble. If the positives among patients who were hospitalized until some time ago were mostly patients who ended up in the hospital for other reasons and then turned out to be infected on testing, the most important part now goes to the emergency room specifically for Covid symptoms. Carlo Palermo, President of the Anaao-Assomed Association that brings together leading doctors: “The interruption of many health workers due to Covid threatens to paralyze public hospitals where, even on holidays that have to be eliminated, there is still a shortage of personal jobs. It is necessary to make clear to people Clearly it is necessary to continue to pay attention.” Starting with the use of masks that, according to Gianni Reda, Director of Prevention at the Ministry of Health, should also be used in concerts, such as the Maneskin concert scheduled for Saturday in Rome (even if in fact it is a drop In the ocean because evenings in huge discos, concerts and large gatherings are held daily in Italy and Europe) Reda: “Fortunately, Covid pneumonia is rare today. There is no overcrowding in the hospital thanks to vaccines and the fact that Omicron is the least aggressive variant of Delta. But The disease remains a major nuisance, and if it can be avoided, it is better to avoid it.”

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