iOS 16, Apple’s fitness app will get specific rewards for Fitness +: Already in beta 3

Apple’s fitness app management dynamics picture begins to take shape as soon as the stable release of iOS 16 You will be ready. The next-generation operating system became official at the recent WWDC, when Apple outlined many of its features. Many, in fact, not all. One that can be defined as secondary within the confines of a revamped operating system It relates to the rewards that the Fitness app gives to the user.

You are currently receiving badges or rewards when, for example, you close the Action Loop for a week or hit 100 goals, No differences between those who reach them with Fitness + training Or with activities outside of those suggested by the subscription service launched last year. The third iOS 16 beta released by Apple yesterday includes avatars New rewards for service subscribers.

New prizes can be recognized instantly from Various shape of badges, is not hexagonal like the one already there but shaped like a cross. It is not clear how many there are, but colleagues They were able to verify that there are some for those who complete a large number of exercises and others for those who stand out within the different training categories. It also looks like new awards for Apple Fitness + are coming Also awarded for previous results, So not only for those who have accessed after updating to iOS 16, beta or stable.

In addition to the new features of Fitness +, Apple has raised the awards so to speak Basic With badges for those who run great distances, from 5 km onwards. With iOS 16, the Fitness app will monitor and eventually assign the respective awards Even for those who don’t own an Apple Watch.

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