It is the goal of Juventus and Inter

Reinforcement time at home NaplesIn light of the revolution that President de Laurentiis is carrying out in terms of the amount of wages. There are many players who leave, and players who enter: sales first, right after purchase. There can be both in the midfield Fabian Ruiz he is dimeven if their future has not yet been clarified.

For the outside role, where Politano can be sold, Ola Solbakken Tested in recent days, in fierce competition with Rome to buy Norwegian. Negotiations are still complicated at the moment.Gazzetta dello sport“, Naples will already have another name as an alternative: Philippe Costek.

Philip Kostek (Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images)

Kostic is in the list of possible purchases

The year of consecration is a season that plays at the highest levels: Kostic is ready for the leap in quality. After a year spent inEintracht Frankfurtwhich he boasted of his realization 7 goals and 15 assistswho also won the European League, his name is now associated with many of the top clubs across Europe, including also Inter and Juventus. 30 years and a lot of experience, with a Reasonable price taking into account only the year of the contract that separates it from expiration with the German club.

Alessio Landolfi

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