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Another curiosity about Jerry Scotty surfaces and concerns his private life. This is what the host reveals about a broken marriage

Jerry Scotty decided to break the silence And why does he no longer marry the woman who is currently occupying his role? CompanionAnd the Gabriella. Uncle Jerry certainly could be defined as one of the most beloved crystal conductors of all time.

A man with whom we feel so passionately that we call him uncle. In the the seventies Work as a radio host indoors Radio Milan International. Here, his job was to read buy or sell used cars. Something that gave him the opportunity to make himself known, especially for his own sake human voice.

It was 1982 The year the adventure begins Claudio Sechetto become a leader Radio DJ And the Radio 101. Only in 1986, he set foot on the small screen and began to implement some programs such as the format he joined Natalia Estrada.

Jerry Scotty unbuttoned marriage, and that’s why he jumped

Jerry Scotty The Truth About Annulled Marriage

Later we also saw it in other programs, especially the one with Mara Venere come on dad. A man who has managed over the years to achieve such remarkable success that he worked in the first decade of the twenty-first century positive word. program in which legendary messages. After that, he begins his wonderful adventure with Who wants to be a millionaire?a program that has also been resumed in recent years.

In short, as we can understand, Jerry Scotty He managed to bring home so many hits that it was he who made television history. A man, however, who also faced with many hard timesAll he had to do was Roll up your sleeves So be able to move on.

A very difficult event to overcome for sure Separation with his ex-wife Patrizia, a marriage that began in 1991 and ended 10 years later. even if actual divorce He arrived only in 2009. From their union a son was born, Edward. Today it can be said that Jerry Scotty is completely happy and satisfied with his private life, as he spends his days in the countryside Gabriella.

However, the two of them never united in marriage. But for what reason? Jerry Scotty is a guy who doesn’t like to talk much about his private life, in fact we know the end of marriage with him Patrizia And how important is it to him today? Gabriella. Scotty’s youngest 9-year-old has been his partner ever since 2004.

The two spend all day together, inside an apartment in Milan where he was luxury. luxury and here Glitz They are gentlemen. them is the love It started during adolescence even if, after losing contact, they met again thanks to their son Edward. man has friendship only with daughter Gabriella. This was the occasion that prompted the couple to meet each other again, rekindling that spark that was born so many years ago.

however, Jerry Scotty And the Gabriella Perino They haven’t yet chosen to get married either because they think completely differently about it. On the one hand, in fact, Gabriella She’s not totally convinced to wear a white dress. While on the other hand it Uncle Jerry He fears that this countless marriage will end like the previous one.

Anyway, the two shouldn’t get married happy. Jerry, beside him, not only Gabriella L ‘love of his life But also the unconditional one for the small of the house. granddaughter Virginia.

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