Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Biosyn, movie link expansion review

Let’s go back to Jurassic World Evolution 2 to evaluate Dominion Biosyn’s expansion in this review.

After analyzing it in preview, let’s get back to dealing with the first substantial expansion of Frontier Developments’ excavation management program using Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Biosen Review, after playing that nice extra dose of content more thoroughly. As we have already mentioned in the beta version of the initial release, the intention of the developers with this package is clear: we probably understood, from the comments received with the first chapter, that the micro-package approach tired rather the most enthusiastic user with this Maxi- DLC A completely different path has been taken, in an effort to offer a much greater amount of content, for a price that is not low but still quite adequate for the show.

In the Dominion Biosyn expansion, we find a big campaign, Chaos Theory style, and it’s clear that many new creatures are adding to the parks: practically, a true expansion of the past.

This move was also particularly strategic to exploit the release of the new cinematic, which allowed the creation of a true video game link capable of connecting directly to some of the film’s events.

In short, there is a deeper narrative intent in this DLC, complete with videos and stories to tell the story. Date From competitor InGen and the new possibilities that this provides in-game, including additional possibilities, and of course more potential dangers and disasters, with the aim of also revealing new events related to the movie Jurassic World: The Dominion. The protagonist of the expansion is Biosyn, an anti-InGen known above all in Michele Churchton’s books, but set to have an important role in Il Dominio. After the failed heist of frozen embryos in the first Jurassic Park, Biosyn is now ready to build her own garden using InGen’s failures and a series of exclusive technological innovations that also have visible implications for gameplay.

Beousin Garden

Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Pyocin Expansion, the new setting

there country side, which requires us to build a new generation park using Biosyn technology, is perhaps the most unique element of the expansion, despite the fact that it is set to leave room for other styles once the narrative part is exhausted with the gradual introduction of major announcements. Anyway, let’s start from this in assessing the properties of Dominion Biosyn, as it can present itself as a real new class in miniature.

The Platforms The game is the same as in the main chapter, but the new company brings with it many new features, from the appearance of standard structures to the presence of elements that have some slight, but significant differences in the gameplay loop.

Some new creatures from Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Biosyn

Some new creatures from Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Biosyn

The first distinguishing element is Research Complexa futuristic building semi camouflaged in nature, serving as the nerve center for all of the park’s research and development activities, and representing a building in constant evolution.

Most of the structures to be built and managed will mirror those previously seen, although they all have a new aspect introduced by them.Architectural Engineering Chosen by Biosyn, it is more advanced and has a low environmental impact compared to that seen in InGen. However, some of them have differences, such as new watchtowers, invisible fences that dramatically change the view and an underground hypersonic transmission system, which changes logistics and requires more underground design. It’s not huge changes, but within the expansion they are still able to suggest innovative elements that revive interest in the game and push you to take on a new campaign as if it were a new chapter.

New gameplay structures and dynamics

The research complex that forms the basis of the BioSyn . park

The research complex that forms the basis of the BioSyn . park

The order in which the actions are carried out is not much different: it is always about creating a central part of the park with buildings dedicated to dinosaur research, response and recovery centers, and fossil medical centers as well as structures Responsible for the extraction of amber, the synthesis and incubation of creatures, even the fences and all the items related to the observation and control of animals. There are all the options seen in Jurassic World 2 but with aesthetic differences, and that’s enough to make them important variables in a game of this genre, as well as some functional changes like the aforementioned invisible fences, new watchtowers, and a new electricity management system, beyond the hyperloop that’s an addition. Nice but maybe a little exploitative.

Perhaps the most important element is amber mine, from which it is possible to obtain new parts of the genomes of different species of dinosaurs, and to extract the legendary mosquitoes contained in the fossilized resin. The mine is organized in incremental levels and requires huge investments to unlock the various parts, as well as specific teams involved in sample recovery, but it is an interesting enrichment of the standard dynamic of sintering creatures.

Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Biosen

Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Biosen

This part is added to the production chain that includes the search for single genomes of each species as well as the possibility of modifying each of them using crosses in search of new characteristics, requiring additional levels of management and control of the assigned scientific staff.

In principle, The new additions fit together really well Into the texture of the game designed for Jurassic World Evolution 2, making this expansion seamlessly integrated into the original concept. After the first phase of building and learning the dynamics, it is clear that the second part of the campaign focuses more on action, with many disasters arising from the events of the film to be addressed by drawing on accumulated strategic and management skills.

Chaos Theory

Dominion Piocene introduced Dimetrodon for the first time

Dominion Piocene introduced Dimetrodon for the first time

The new mission inside Chaos TheoryIt also focuses on Jurassic World: The Dominion. In this case we are dealing with a remote Owen Grady farm, which finds itself forced to become a refuge for different species of dinosaurs in the wild but is subject to poaching and indiscriminate killing. In this case, instead of the usual step-by-step planning that accompanies creating the park in the campaign or in the Sandbox mode, we have to face many problems by exploiting some of the resources that we find in the field, adapting and improving the structures so that we can accommodate as many objects as possible and try to preserve on her health and safety.

In this case the structures and dynamics are more directly derived than those in the main game, but like any other Chaos Theory “scenario”, all the events are created to represent some kind of survival challenge, with parts also written to present different situations, such as the need To control groups of dinosaurs with specific summons to try to move them en masse from one place to another, only in “gray style”.

Dinosaurs and new environments

Pyroraptor, one of the new feathered dinosaurs that appeared in the expansion

Pyroraptor, one of the new feathered dinosaurs that appeared in the expansion

Obviously some can not be missing new dinosaurs: Among these we find Therizinosaurus, Pyroraptor and Quetzalcoatlo, new unpublished species in the series that also present, finally, the much-requested feathers that have emerged from the latest research on paleontology. Among the novelties are also great hitherto unjustly neglected classics such as the ancient Dimetrodon, the absolute oldest species among all those seen so far in the series, as well as the formidable herbivores Dreadnoughtus and Gigantosaurus, a large carnivore whose size and structure also exceed the T-Rex . The latter is apparently also present and is already asserting itself as a star in the game by acquiring two exclusive skins including one of the feathers, as well as new aspects that also apply to Dilophosaurus and Parasaurolophus.

there Graphics By Dominion Biosyn it is clear that it is based on the same scaffolding used in the main game, and therefore from this point of view, other than the aesthetic differences offered by the new structures and new dinosaurs, there are no particular differences compared to the previously reached level, but already excellent. Biosyn’s buildings are in some ways more impressive and technologically advanced and the featured research complex is a pleasant addition, but if you want to find a drawback you can say that the new Sierra Nevada setup is a little more monotonous and a little featureless compared to the possible options.


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After a slew of subtle additions particularly seen in the first chapter, Frontier has finally put together a proper expansion for Jurassic World Evolution 2, making the most of the occasion of Jurassic World: The Dominion’s launch and tie-in packing that integrates seamlessly with the main game. We assert the idea that €19.99 is not a low price for downloadable content, but for those who have already stripped all the key content, it is highly justifiable: the new campaign has a real new small chapter character thanks to novelties related to both gameplay – such as building and management mechanics – and narrative , while the Chaos Theory mission provides a good diversion.


  • A real new campaign, complete with narrative support
  • New and interesting introductions between structures, creatures and game mechanics
  • The proposed situation in Chaos Theory is also interesting


  • New content doesn’t last long
  • The price is too high

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