Juventus, 48 ​​hours of shooting: Bayern put pressure on De Ligt. Rush to Koulibaly, Zaniolo, Molina and more: point | first page

Perhaps, at the end of the transfer market, Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 6 July can also be remembered as one of the decisive factors for the new Juventus. So much, so much has happened. Operationally: Owners arrival calendar has been determined Maria and Paul PogbaExcept for program changes, medical check-ups will take place on Friday and Octopus check-ups on Saturday. But doubts about their arrival were already present. It was De Ligt’s influence that unleashed Domino’s, with Juventus busy at several tables to allow Max Allegri’s squad to become an instant team. Hard to order for the last 48 hours, we try.

de Legit Bayern decided to get serious. Strong convinced that the player is OK despite the pressure of Chelsea for more than six months, The German club also raised its bet with Juventus to quickly reach white smoke: the offer was raised from 60 to 70-75 million plus bonuses, and the proposal made to the club was rounded off by the Blues. Juve’s demand remains steady at 100, but the pivot with De Ligt is strong and Juve start to falter, and Bayern’s latest bid may suffice. While Chelsea climbed to 80 in addition to bonuses, he also returned decisively to Jules Koundé despite being so close to Nathan Aké: signs of impatience, De Ligt quickly approaches towards Munich.

MOLINA and CAMBIASO – Why start with Molina? Because, too, Juventus decisively moved the camera lens, moving from reflections to facts. Communications began with Udinese, the first offer is 15 million plus bonuses, The demand for 30 million is not as scary as the competition that has so far brought nothing tangible to Friuli. If the Molina deal opens, then for Andrea Cambiasso (who will arrive with or without Radu Dragosin’s approval in Genoa), a post-purchase loan is expected with Bologna and Salernitana currently in first place.

Koulibaly and Milinkovic – Today’s news is the decisive (and not yet decisive) rush of Kalidou Koulibaly. The Napoli player is fighting hard, has not yet spent yes and is not certain he will arrive, while agent Valli Ramadan is trying to push him to Turin. Convinced it was the right thing to do for his client despite Napoli’s resistance. Which demands 40 million from everyone, maybe more than Juventus. While The Bianconeri put on the board a net salary of 6 to 6.5 million for four years plus an offer of 25 to 30 million for Aurelio de Laurentiis. Ball to Napoli. While Nikola Milinkovic was also discussed with Ramadan, The perfect backup plan for everyone: 15 million is needed to keep him away from Florence, (also) Juventus will think about it.

Zaniolo and Arnautovic – After Ramadan, Juventus met Claudio Vigorelli to talk first of all about Niccol Zaniolo.: The feeling is that Roma are ready to reduce their claims to lawsuit quickly, if Juventus raise the total offer to 40-45 million between loans, fixed parts and bonuses, it could be closed in short order. Marko Arnautovic at the table too, But Juve’s goal as Vlahovic’s deputy: Bologna does not give up, and the player hopes for it.

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