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Carrie Johnson was in the front row in front of 10 Downing Street with her young daughter Romy in her arms to accompany her husband, Boris Johnson, into the sunset of his political career. In these three years, the First Lady has been one aspect of the Prime Minister Boris reference numberwho bore him two children (a boy and a girl), but also The catalyst of controversy And internal conflicts related to interference in some important decisions of the Prime Minister such as those issued by his closest aides and involvement in some scandals that led to the killing of the Conservative Party leader, led by the party.

From the outside they always appeared as a very close couple. The first unmarried will live together on Downing Street until May 2021 when they marry. 24 years younger than Pogo, Carrie (née Simmonds) is a communications expert who entered politics at a very young age, right after graduation. He relied on his experience over the years as First Lady. Former Downing Street councilors have said she has the last word on who should be appointed and even who should not. Regarding the exit of the scene in November 2020 Dominic Cummings, the former gray grace of Johnson’s entourage. The two entered into a direct confrontation. The former prime minister’s right-hand man blamed her for distracting Boris from the pandemic by “losing his mind” to the newspaper’s “trivial” stories about their dog. Not only that, for Cummings, the first lady tried to get her friends to hire and would have been behind her being kicked out of the 10th rank.

Carrey was also fined with Boris At her husband’s (surprise) birthday party in Downing Street during lockdown in June 2020. As part of the Partygate scandal, she was accused of being at other events that ended up being accused of violating anti-Covid restrictions.

Johnson’s image and credibility have suffered major repercussions at this event and others, with the investigations being completed against him, such as the extravagant renovation of the Downing Street apartment (No. 11, more spacious than No. 10’s official residence) where Pogo lives. With Carrie and the kids. His wife would have chosen luxurious finishes and furnishings, such as expensive rattan furniture.

Finally, there was talk of Carey, an environmental activist and animal lover, getting involved in another story in which Johnson was accused of personally allowing support for British forces to evacuate dogs and cats from Afghanistan – promoted by the animal rights organization. Led by a former Royal Marine, during the rushed flight from Kabul due to the Taliban’s arrival last August.

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