Look at Tesla: Solar Trailer with Starlink

Displaying a Tesla solar trailer at a student event in Hannover.

Take a look at Tesla: Everyone has been taken by surprise with its latest gimmick: a solar trailer, with extendable panels, and a Starlink internet terminal.

look a little tesla
The photovoltaic roof on the Tesla Cybertruck model..

Look at Tesla: just a game or project for …

Only a tool created for an event in Germany (IdeaExpotechnology conference to announce high school students Hanover)? Or a glimpse of a Tesla solar car, with Extended autonomy? Or, again, a way to promote the Starlink satellite link, the same one that was given as support ukrainian army? As usual, Tesla did not want to give explanations. In the past, House of Elon Musk was skeptical about the true effectiveness of PV surfaces on cars, explaining that the game (Added weight) Not worth it. However, adding that a retractable sun shade is provided on electronic truckThe Tesla pickup that has not yet gone into production. Other startups have a different opinion, but they are working hard to bring their “solar” cars to the market in 2023. Especially the Dutch Light year and German They are motors.

look a little tesla
The 4680 body battery pack shown in Hanover on a Tesla Model Y.

Structured battery 4680 shown

The solar trailer wasn’t the only interesting thing about the Tesla on display in Hanover. There was also something more real, the new 4680 battery pack, Shown in the body of the Model Y. It’s an innovation that the Elon Musk team takes credit for, to dramatically reduce the weight of the cells and make it easier to work on the assembly line. Easy to pack in the center console. The first examination was performed by a highly respected specialist at Elon Musk, Sandy Monroe subordinate Monroe & Co., with very convenient results. According to Monroe, the new 4,680 chassis battery can secure Tesla Two-fold advantage. That is, lower production costs (obsession to catch) and lower weight, with obvious advantages over Consumption and independence. The new Texas plant will be the first to use the 4680 in production.

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