Malpensa flight canceled, Wizz Air: 130 passengers left on the ground – Chronicle

Malpensa, 7 July 2022 – 130 tourists left on the ground leaving for their holidays. Very inconvenience today in Malpensa as the flight to Lampedusa is scheduled for 12.20 has been deleted. Lots of anger from passengers who have been waiting for hours for departure with the airline saying the flight was not canceled but delayed and with the carrier announcing the cancellation instead. Flight Wizz Air from Milan Malpensa It was scheduled for 12.20. Transferred first at 1pm, then at 2pm, and finally they announced cancellation at gate A55 for boarding. 14.20 A cold shower for 130 passengers.

Malpensa, passengers protesting at the gate

Now there is a recovery in skills. For Wizzair, the flight was not canceled while in Malpensa, hundreds of people were left on the ground angry because they had already paid for the hotels in addition to the flight. In short, the flight is gone, the passengers are left to fend for themselves. “The company repeats that the flight was delayed but not canceled – a passenger says – but here instead they gave it as canceled. We paid for hotels and rental cars. Here there is an incredible chaos but we want certain answers otherwise we will not leave.”

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