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Omicron or MinskinThis is the dilemma. In the face of the outbreak of the infectious virus, doctors and virologists in the chorus are requesting the suspension of the concert of the rock band that will broadcast on Saturday evening seventy thousand mouths and many noses in the park of Circus Maximus. Let’s say right away To ban this concert, and only one concert, it will be an unacceptable condition for people’s adsreally a Bandam declaration (Vasco, are you Minskin right?).

So the question should extend to all the wild mounds that will form over the summer: How do we intend to deal with a superficial and pesky virus (because of its frequent recurrence similar to ours) that kills less, but spreads with a nodule like never before? The answer is already in individual behavior, and is now resistant to any form of wisdom.

In Rome, but also in London and Paris, The few who still wear masks are seen as insane or seriously ill. In the past few years, fear gave way to the acceptance of danger, which was considered inferior to the newly discovered advantages of freedom of assembly.

with some delay We take the Scandinavian approach to the virus. But we do it the Italian way, without anyone saying it clearly. And above all we do as Italians, with a very flexible idea of ​​what the rule is to respect. So despite the free I was going to a Mneskin party with a mask. I can sing, I’ve lost my mind and no one will know how dissonant I am.

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