McDonald’s is looking for employees: 70 places available, interviews in Cagliari

Hundreds and hundreds of orders arrived. Two hundred suitable choices and 70 places available. These are numbers mcdonalds business tour, that after touring several Italian cities, he also arrived in Cagliari. The appointment is Friday at 10.30 at McDonald’s in via Dettori where 200 candidates will participate in the staff selection.

As mentioned, in fact, 70 jobs are available for McDonald’s restaurants in Cagliari. Maximum confidentiality in the points of sale where the new employees will be located. The only evidence that was leaked is what jobs are available, and the number of suitable candidates, but they told McDonald’s that “requests have come in a lot more”.

Since the itinerant staff selection event began, thousands of orders have rained down in cities as new openings were planned and all appropriate numbers were chosen to cover the various roles within the restaurant.

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