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The Mercedes T-Class is further confirmation of the return of the part that has been neglected for some time, the “multi-space” or minivan. Classes are more difficult to talk about today than it was yesterday because the philosophy of “crossovers” (understood as cars that sit halfway between two sections and not as small SUVs) has hit the two- and four-wheeled worlds.

In any case, the new German offers an alternative in the range for those who want the Star logo in style closer to the finishes and comfort of passenger cars than the Citan Tourer, always designed to carry people, but with parts from a commercial vehicle and a choice of who uses it for work.

Obviously the price changes, but the equipment changes as well because in the passenger compartment the T-Class offers everything we are used to at Mercedes in terms of controls and instruments.

Interiors: Interior Design and Booting

The passenger compartment is special because it combines the distinctive elements typical of the Mercedes world with shapes that are partly reminiscent of Renault production. However, at a second glance, we note the Germans’ commitment to dramatically changing all the front panels and the plastic of the dashboard: the shape is different, some dimensions change, the Mercedes steering wheel makes a nice eco feel, and only some of the lines do it. . Overlap with those of the French model. Additionally, there’s a touch of color with the finishes framing the gearbox/air conditioning area and doors.

However, MBUX is the real difference: Mercedes’ infotainment system today is one of the best and most flexible, even in this version which is certainly not the most modernized at the level of presentation, but at the level of hardware and software. The Germans have long achieved excellent results in managing on-board information systems with a truly usable voice command (among those in the automotive world), and a user-friendly interface for navigating. On Class T appears across one 7 inch touch screen It is surrounded by 5.5-inch color gauges located between the analog gauges. It’s not all digital, but even on a small vertical screen it has exactly the functions of those seen on the “traditional” scale, including a navigation replica.

The rest is quite classic: the spaces and practicality of things for all passengers and The ADAS gift does not look bad in the automotive world: Standard Automatic Emergency Braking, Anti-lock Braking, Blind Spot Monitor and Driver, plus Active Steering that puts us back on track.

The lack of adaptive cruise control and the centering of the car in the lane, later available only for versions with automatic transmission.

road test

Four engines are available for the T-class, two power 1.3 TCe FAP gasoline and two diesel, a well-tested old acquaintance of Renault, the legendary 1.5 dCi:

  • T class 160: 75 kW (102 hp), 200 Nm
  • T class 180: 96 kW (131 hp), 240 Nm
  • T class 160d: 70 kW (95 hp), 260 Nm
  • T class 180d: 85 kW (116 hp), 270 Nm:

At the wheel, the drivability is the same as we saw with the starting point: it’s drivable, it’s very easy, but it has suvettino/van feedback because in any case it remains more optimized for practicality and certainly not for dynamic or sporty driving. The steering is quite accurate and light, not too dingy and has good road clarity making it travel-friendly. On the other hand, when carrying objects or passengers, it is not recommended to scramble them around curves. What’s more, it is completely silent if you do not overdo it, even if the soundproofing loses a few points compared to the classics manufactured in Germany.

The setup changes compared to the French version: it’s not a rebranding (like the Yaris Hybrid and Mazda2 Hybrid for example), but a joint venture that was born and then developed in parallel. So in Germany they applied a recipe that sees a new shock absorber: the perception is a more contained roll and the absorbent sound yes to comfort, but with increased stiffness that makes it more driveable in the mix…always without overdoing however.

Regarding motors, the choice depends on the needs, but When fully loaded, it is better to resort to a more powerful diesel: Uses little and is great for most situations. With five adults and luggage, there are restrictions if your movements often take you to high mountain areas; Here a small torque boost would have helped. The automatic gearbox perfectly compensates by reducing the stress caused by the need to shift to second gear in some situations.

If the combination of mountain and maximum load is not your case, even a 131hp gasoline or 95hp diesel is more than enough in an urban and off-urban environment, with the latter suitable for commuters on big highways. On the other hand, from a small car, entry gas, suitable only for city travel.

practical things

There are many practical aspects of a car like the T-Class: behind it there are 3 seats thanks to the 3 isofix attachments, the ejection rack is foldable, useful for placing the stroller upright without having to disassemble everything. If necessary, it can be removed and stowed in the trunk, while there is no command to fold the seats in the back, which however compensates with a very low loading sill (only 56 cm) and a square, wide and regular mouth that takes advantage of space – even the surface. There is an electric bike without disassembling the wheels Only part of the back seat was demolished. Or two adult bikes by removing the front wheel only.

Rear access is ideal: sliding door for passengers or for easy installation of child seats: I would have preferred a darker, more pleasant ‘sound’, such as the sound of the GLA or EQA doors that convey a feel of very high rigidity, but in an unquestionable level of practicality.

The equipment is complemented by several booths, back tables (bend slightly but very large and comfortable) and large glass surfaces that favor visibility in every situation.

data sheet


  • Engine: 4 cylinder diesel 1.5 liter Euro6d
  • Power: 95/116 CV (kW)
  • Torque: 260/270 Nm at 1750 rpm
  • front wheel drive system
  • GEARBOX: 6-speed manual (7-speed dual-clutch with 116 hp)
  • Suspension: McPherson front with stabilizer bar and lower wishbone, rear with threaded arms
  • Alluvial: 4 cylinders


  • Length: 4.498 mm
  • Width: 1.859 mm
  • Height: 1,811 mm
  • Pitch: 2.716 mm
  • Loading compartment size: 1,865 mm
  • Load capacity: 520-2,127 liters
  • RIMS: 16-17 inches
  • Weight: 1.636 / 1.822 kg (in order of operation)
  • Seating: 5/7 (long wheelbase, arrive later)


  • Top speed: 164/177 km/h
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 15.1/13.2 seconds
  • Consumption: 5.3 – 5.9 l / 100 km (combined WLTP)
  • CO2 emissions: 138/154 grams per kilometer (combined WLTP)
  • Steering diameter: 11.75 meters

Price: 27.548 euros

Prices and equipment

Mercedes T-Class Starting at €27,548 And the cars are already available with delivery from July 2022. All prices must be considered Included VAT and MSSIf you read this article starting in January 2023, know that there may be increases:

  • Class T 160: starting from €27,548
  • Class T180: from 28,598 euros
  • Class T 160d: Starting at €28,798
  • T-Class 180d: from €28,948

The entry version includes a leather steering wheel and gear knob as standard, multifunction steering wheel, rear cabin monitor mirror, high-gloss trim (black), ambient interior lights, seats in ARTICO and microfiber, and height-adjustable driver and passenger seat (that driver’s It has lumbar support), rear tables, center armrest in ARTICO and door panels in NEOTEX, tinted rear windows, 16-inch steel wheels with wheel covers.

Smartphone support (CarPlay and Android Autot), 7-inch MBUX, Connected services, Heated and electrically adjustable mirrors, Keyless start, Manual air conditioning, Light and rain sensors, Lane maintenance, Digital instrumentation, Blind spot monitoring, are Also standard. Attention monitoring, automatic emergency braking, cruise control, speed limiter,

Premium adds power windows for the sliding doors, interior finishes (including the dashboard in ARTICO), LED headlights, seats in ARTICO with contrast stitching and 16-inch alloy wheels.

Online Configurator of Mercedes T-Class


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