Mielle Carlucci was shaken by the terrible mourning: the message moved everyone

On her Instagram profile, Millie Carlucci looked devastated by the tragic death of a colleague: her words move fans.

Back to the social media chatter Milly Carlucci, who is talking on Instagram about her long-disappeared colleague. In fact, the presenter of Dancing with the Stars said that she was very sad: Let’s go and see the post published in the last hours.

Dance presenter Rai 1 (via WebSource)

Yesterday is the first anniversary of his death Ravella Kara. Needless to say, the great showgirl, who throughout her career was able to try her hand at driving, dancing, singing and acting, remained in the hearts of everyone, fans and colleagues who also recognized her and took her as an example. Among these we obviously also find Millie Carlucci who had her for years as a colleague in Rai. The presenter of Dancing with the Stars wanted to remember her with an animated post.

Yesterday during the broadcast Techtechetè There was an entire special dedicated to the legend of Bob the Blond. Presenter Dancing with the stars He resumed some clips from the broadcast, and wrote a comment that read: “It is always a pleasure to see Rafaela againThe sentence is also accompanied by a red heart emoji. So let’s go see Millie’s last message to celebrate the artist’s death.

Millie Carlucci remembers Raffaella Cara: “It’s always a great feeling to see her again”

Millie Carlucci
Presenter remembers his late colleague (via WebSource)

The post in question, taken directly in the photo above, appeared yesterday on the profile of Milli Carlucci. Moreover, Carlucci was one of the first who wanted to dedicate e To be named after Raffaella Cara Foro Italico in Rome, the seat currently occupied by Dancing with the Stars and the Masked Singer, but which was once the Caramba Historic Site What a surprise and Caramba what a fortune. Also, just yesterday, it turned out Rai will call the studios in Via Teulada after the great artist who died.

Around Millie Carlucci he wrote: “Congratulations to Ray To name the studies on Via Teulada after it!In the meantime, the presenter of Dancing with the Stars will present a special evening dedicated to the great artist who passed away, which will be broadcast on June 18, 2023, on the occasion of 80 years from Kara. So there will be a real party to remember with many famous guests from the entertainment world and beyond. With this honor, Rai will officially salute the artist.

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