Migraines, precautions to take at the table to avoid this annoying pain

Headache is one of those common pains among the population regardless of age or gender. It happens suddenly and can last from a few hours to days without giving us a break. The causes are different and the treatments are multiple, but there are little tricks you can avoid, let’s see what they are.

There may be many factors that cause headaches, stress and changes in weather conditions are among the main factors but none of these factors can lead to a painful headache that we do not suspect. We’re actually talking about nutrition Food and headache can be related.

Headaches can be fought at the table (web source)

Migraines Let’s talk about the annoying headache interest he is Theper population Adults and children under 12 years old. Expressing themselves in pain button And the localizedsometimes accompanied by of nausea and vomiting And the Discomfort from light and noise sources.

food-related headache, often happens not only to the type of dishes eaten, but also to the quantities; In fact Slow and painstaking digestion increases the chances of getting headaches In the most prepared subjects and in individuals in general. Studies and research linking headaches to diet indicate that a healthy lifestyle significantly reduces the chances of developing migraines.

How to avoid headaches with nutrition

The right lifestyle with proper nutrition, protects us from headaches. Foods and drinks to avoid are: Alcohol, spirits, coffee, chocolate, fried foods, sausages, red meat, foods containing glutamate, aged cheeses, and dried fruits.

The headache problem, however, is not only avoided by reducing or removing certain foods from our habits but is necessary, for a correct diet, Combines with seasonal fruits and vegetables all related to Adequate night rest and regular physical activity. drink a lotespecially in the hot season, At least 1.5 liters per day It definitely helps the body to get rid of toxins, digest better as well as get proper hydration, Another good help to get rid of headaches.

Avoid migraines with food (web source)
Avoid migraines with food (web source)

Another insight which doctors refer to, Not to miss meals And don’t really fast, I set times for the main meals. It is highly recommended not to take painkillers that contain substances such as caffeine, but above all avoid “do-it-yourself” and seek medical attention in situations that recur and persist.

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