Milan and Origi: “Maldini and Masar are decisive. Lukaku? It would be nice to challenge him”

Milan presented its new striker: “I feel great, I can’t wait to face Inter. We have big ambitions with Pioli.”

He belongs to a club in which, in six years of marriage, he won a championship, a League Cup, a National Cup, the Champions League, the European Super Cup and the Club World Cup. In short, a very full belly. However, although the sender is Liverpool, which has become one of the big names in Europe, Divock Origi is like all those who first set foot in the world of the Rossoneri: goosebumps in the cup room at Casa Milan, wide eyes from in front of portraits of champions The ancients hang in Milanello. For those who arrived, Milan was and will be the land of the games.


On the other hand, in front of him in the conference room of the Rossoneri Sports Center, Maldini, together with Massara, wanted him badly at the Rossoneri. “Maldini is a footballer and is part of the World Hall of Fame, for me he can just be a great example. He and Masara as managers have built an extraordinary path, and it was a must to talk to them. For me, it is a huge honor, and I am so grateful to be part of this group. “. This is a concept Origi often repeats, not out of flattery but out of deep conviction. She smiles a lot and seems very convinced of herself and the choice that has been made for her career. “Here I felt a great atmosphere that day when I played against Milan (with Liverpool in the Champions League last season, when Divock also scored the winning goal for the Reds, soI felt the history, culture, and enthusiasm that surrounded everything and everyone. When Milan scored, I felt a perfect match between the players, the coaches and the fans.”


The attacker tells how the dialogue with Satan developed. “The first contacts took place at the end of the season, although I was very focused on Liverpool. At the end of the year, I understood the project better and then I took part in it. For me it was a clear decision and in line with this project.” The project in which Origi wants to immerse himself in the right timing. In three-quarters of an hour into the conference, he hasn’t missed half a slogan, no statement of impact, and doesn’t leave himself entangled in expectations about the number of goals. “Am I, like Giroud, the one who has heavy nets? I followed the Milan path and scored important goals that were scored by Olivier. We as strikers must always prepare to strike the decisive blow, but it is a gradual process. I always aim to give my best. It is obviously very important. Being able to play a crucial role, but for me the process of development, growth and continuity is important.”

to caution

And don’t bother if you have to wait a little longer to start working in earnest. From the medical point of view of the situation last Monday, about 15 days of re-sports and treatments arose, with the gradual return of the group in order to prepare for the first tournament. On the other hand, Origi comes from a muscle injury that did not allow him to play the Champions League final, so caution is required. “From the outside, there is a lot of talk about my injuries, but I have been mainly involved in Liverpool’s seasons on the pitch… In any case, injuries have always helped me come back stronger than before and get to know the body better. I feel great, physically I feel that I have maximum control over myself.” When Lukaku is assigned to him and the derby with Inter – a derby specialist, even against Romelu – he smiles: “You always have to be ready, live every game as a challenge, and I like challenges so much. I am eager and eager to face Inter. Lukaku is a great player, a great player.” Plus For the first division, and for me it would be great to play against him. How are my friends? I love them all, you feel so cohesive. I spoke to Pioli and I can tell you that we are very excited to start this journey together. We have big ambitions. Pioli did a great job with the group, instilling passion and the idea of ​​letting everyone bring out the best in themselves. I can’t wait to get started. The most realistic promise I can make is to give my best, with the hope of being able to write many good football pages together.”

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