Missing Doctors: Collective Medicine – Chronicle

by Gabriel Bassani

After the recent case of Cogliate, a town of nearly 9 thousand inhabitants that has only 3 general practitioners left, one of whom is a few months into retirement, Ats Brianza is trying to assess the situation.

“Ats della Brianza has had significant difficulties for months in finding general practitioners and for this reason is implementing innovative solutions to ensure the continuity of primary care for the citizens of the region,” reads a note from the management. “In March, the first call for coverage of deficient areas in the regional area was published. For Cogliate, Lazzate, Misinto and Ceriano Laghetto, a single area was published in the municipality of Cogliate with restrictions on the opening of outpatient clinics. No doctor expressed interest. . Dr. Volpini’s activity ceased, Ats compensated for this by ordering the maximum number of patients in the area to be lifted.The request was answered positively by 7 doctors, none from Cogliate, ensuring total capacity for all patients.April 26, Dr. Enrico dispatched Parente resigned to the ATS effective July 1, 2022. On May 23, an agency-sponsored meeting was held with general practitioners and municipal management to understand how to provide support. Physicians will voice it for the introduction of a new mixed association model (collective medicine, network medicine) in the municipal structure of Misento. The agency proceeded to contact the doctors to implement the path officially, but received a refusal by the Coglit doctors because they did not want to transfer their clinic to another municipality.”

But the Cogliate doctors denied that last passage: “We never received a request for availability to start group medicine,” said Dr Giovanni Bassi, sure of the interest shown by his remaining colleagues as well, while Mayor Andrea Basilico relaunched: “I’m still waiting for Ats to come out for Inspection of the advertised site is imminent.”

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